[vserver-reference.git] / build.sh
2007-09-07 Faiyaz Ahmed s/jre-somejunk/jre
2007-09-06 Faiyaz Ahmed added jre... :-(
2007-08-31 Marc Fiuczynski use build/build.common functions
2007-08-24 Marc Fiuczynski Fedora 7 does not pull in findutils via a dependency
2007-08-13 Faiyaz Ahmed Remove java rpm from module. Moved to repo.
2007-06-25 David E. Eisenstat Install java in the reference image.
2007-06-25 David E. Eisenstat Add "which".
2006-11-13 Mark Huang - move vserver-reference to .vref/default
2006-05-15 Mark Huang - build FC4 based VServer Reference by default
2006-04-10 Mark Huang - specify -k to mkfedora so that FC4 kernel* packages...
2006-04-05 Mark Huang - fix typo
2006-04-05 Mark Huang - clean /dev after building
2006-03-31 Mark Huang - fix comment
2006-03-31 Mark Huang - disable all services in vserver-reference image
2006-03-29 Mark Huang - do not tolerate errors
2006-03-29 Mark Huang - move vserver-reference group definition into this...
2006-03-29 Mark Huang - build vserver-reference using mkfedora script
2006-03-21 Mark Huang - run createrepo as well
2006-03-10 Mark Huang - run yum-arch on Bootstrap RPMS directory before using
2005-10-01 Mark Huang - use a valid node_id
2005-09-03 Mark Huang Solve the bootstrap problem by including any just built...