2007-01-20 Marc Fiuczynski add in sample.conf to defaults_DATA; needed by vuseradd
2007-01-20 Marc Fiuczynski set Name, Version, and URL properly
2007-01-20 Marc Fiuczynski Fix up util-vserver-python support.
2007-01-18 Marc Fiuczynski merge to 0.30.212
2007-01-18 Marc Fiuczynski This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2006-12-15 Mark Huang bump release
2006-12-13 Faiyaz Ahmed * Passing maxrate = 0 to bwlimit.set() defaults to...
2006-12-01 David E. Eisenstat Use -p flag for useradd instead of running sed on ...
2006-11-27 Mark Huang - add defaults to init()
2006-11-18 Mark Huang force symlink creation
2006-11-13 Mark Huang - move vserver-reference to .vref/default
2006-11-13 Mark Huang - add -t option for specifying reference type (e.g...
2006-08-24 Mark Huang - bump release number for vserver.py bugfix
2006-07-20 David E. Eisenstat Fixed bug in method __update_config_file where when...
2006-07-01 Mark Huang - remove resman check
2006-05-26 Mark Huang fix triggerpostun workaround
2006-05-09 Mark Huang - bump release number
2006-05-01 Steve Muir Bump release number
2006-05-01 Steve Muir Fix set_bwlimit() to accept parameters for limit-exempt...
2006-05-01 Mark Huang simple interface to bwlimit.py module
2006-05-01 Mark Huang deprecate resman, install our own bwlimit tool
2006-04-26 Mark Huang RPMs get upgraded by installing the new one, then unins...
2006-04-24 Mark Huang - move all function documentation inside their respecti...
2006-04-21 Mark Huang create util-vserver-python datadir with correct permissions
2006-04-11 Mark Huang merge .spec changes
2006-04-11 Mark Huang - byte compile and install at %post time
2006-04-06 Mark Huang - bump release number
2006-04-06 Mark Huang - apparently commenting out Requires: lines is not...
2006-04-05 Mark Huang Remove apt dependency
2006-03-15 Steve Muir Load the ipset-related modules in init()
2006-03-14 Steve Muir remove some PL-specific details
2006-03-14 Steve Muir Export value for infinite disk quota.
2006-03-14 Steve Muir Read default VM id from config file
2006-03-14 Steve Muir Set a more sensible default CPU share
2006-03-14 Steve Muir Fix handling of CPU scheduling parameters
2006-03-13 Steve Muir PLC API functionality moved to Node Manager
2006-03-09 Steve Muir Remove any notions of rspecs from util-vserver, fix...
2006-03-09 Steve Muir Remove any notions of rspecs from util-vserver
2006-03-01 Mark Huang - fix description
2006-03-01 Mark Huang - stub, only provides anonymous access to API. At some...
2006-03-01 Mark Huang - also install plcapi.py stub
2006-03-01 Mark Huang - set up IP sets for bandwidth exemption
2006-03-01 Mark Huang - don't let root drown out all other traffic; instead...
2006-03-01 Mark Huang - rename "guarantee" to "bwmin" which is really what...
2006-02-27 Mark Huang - rewrite to support a fairly shared "unlimited" bandwi...
2006-02-22 Mark Huang bump release number for bwlimit.py rewrite
2006-02-22 Mark Huang - clean up this script, merge relevant resman/scripts...
2006-02-17 Steve Muir Add support for guaranteed CPU shares
2006-01-18 Steve Muir Update disk usage info when get_disklimit called
2006-01-13 Steve Muir Bump release number for new release that fixes bug...
2006-01-13 Steve Muir Add more things to .cvsignore
2006-01-09 Steve Muir Don't barf when adjusting CPU share if there are no...
2005-12-15 Mark Huang support pldistro "variants"
2005-12-03 Steve Muir Use CPULIMIT of 0 to indicate a suspended slice
2005-12-02 Steve Muir Fix error handling for get_rspec
2005-12-02 Steve Muir Updated spec files
2005-12-02 Steve Muir More stuff to ignore
2005-12-01 Steve Muir Add method to stop a vserver
2005-12-01 Steve Muir Add killall() function, tidy up.
2005-11-10 Steve Muir Goddamn util-vserver doesn't have .cvsignore files
2005-11-09 Steve Muir Add support for removing resource (disk, network) limits
2005-11-09 Steve Muir Makes sense to check that this actually compiles
2005-11-09 Steve Muir Remove unnecessary constant definition
2005-11-09 Steve Muir Add function to remove disk limit
2005-11-08 Steve Muir Revert python module path to correct value
2005-11-08 Steve Muir Remove unused code to handle vserver flags
2005-11-08 Steve Muir Assume eth0 as default device when initialising
2005-11-08 Steve Muir Tidy up handling of network parameters, don't rely...
2005-11-08 Steve Muir Tidy up handling of network parameters
2005-11-08 Steve Muir Don't need to use resman anymore
2005-11-07 Steve Muir Need to close the cwd file descriptor
2005-11-02 Steve Muir Implement the setsched function
2005-11-02 Steve Muir Fix Python modules to handle scheduling parameters...
2005-11-02 Steve Muir Implement and use vserverimpl.setsched
2005-11-01 Steve Muir Don't need our own version of setup.py anymore
2005-11-01 Steve Muir Fix Makefile to correctly locate util-python
2005-11-01 Steve Muir Use new pybuild scheme that works with libtool
2005-11-01 Steve Muir Remove unreachable code and confusing comment
2005-10-28 Steve Muir Fix handling of over-quota condition
2005-10-25 Andy Bavier Added SCHED_SHARE flag
2005-10-12 Steve Muir Read resource values from a resources dictionary
2005-10-12 Steve Muir Pass resources dict to lower-level chcontext function...
2005-10-07 Steve Muir Allow caller to indicate that disk usage values have...
2005-10-07 Steve Muir Use library function to enter a vserver context
2005-10-07 Steve Muir Bump release number to reflect changes in vsh and vserv...
2005-10-07 Steve Muir Convert values to strings before writing to config...
2005-10-07 Steve Muir Oops, don't limit slices to 4 processes
2005-10-07 Steve Muir Files generated by automake
2005-10-07 Steve Muir Use symbolic constant for no limit
2005-10-07 Steve Muir Created common function to enter vserver context and...
2005-10-07 Steve Muir Use common function to enter vserver context and set...
2005-10-07 Steve Muir Should chdir after chroot
2005-10-06 Steve Muir Convert DISKLIMIT value to an integer
2005-10-05 Steve Muir Don't barf if we can't unlink a non-existent file
2005-10-05 Steve Muir Apply disklimit when starting vservers.
2005-10-05 Steve Muir Save and restore cwd since it gets clobbered by the...
2005-10-05 Steve Muir Make disk limit handling more NM-friendly, get rid...
2005-09-27 Marc Fiuczynski Fix to implement chcontext so that NM's vserver start...
2005-09-27 Marc Fiuczynski Make code look more like the implementation in vserveri...
2005-09-22 Marc Fiuczynski Fixed a number of bugs: