2007-08-01 Daniel Hokka... Make sure the configuration directory exists and that...
2007-07-31 Daniel Hokka... spawnvp only takes three arguments
2007-07-31 Daniel Hokka... close is implicit in dup2
2007-07-31 Daniel Hokka... Make file descriptor handling more resilient
2007-07-31 Daniel Hokka... Fix typo and remove old IP addresses
2007-07-30 Daniel Hokka... Minor fixes, sort of preparing for removing the IPs...
2007-07-30 Daniel Hokka... Don't require libnl-devel, guess the path to it based...
2007-07-30 Daniel Hokka... ... and another typo
2007-07-30 Daniel Hokka... Typo
2007-07-30 Daniel Hokka... add the vip6-autod initscript
2007-07-30 Daniel Hokka... Make vip6-autod a daemon
2007-07-30 Daniel Hokka... Figure out the mask/prefix automatically
2007-07-27 Daniel Hokka... Use the correct name, and replace them
2007-07-27 Daniel Hokka... Add libnl-devel build requirement
2007-07-27 Daniel Hokka... Add vip6-autod
2007-07-27 Daniel Hokka... NodeManager handles IP addresses now
2007-07-27 Daniel Hokka... Add support for assigning IP addresses
2007-07-26 Daniel Hokka... Cleaner remove-all-of-AF_x
2007-07-26 Daniel Hokka... Clean up the IPv6 auto-configuration daemon
2007-07-25 Daniel Hokka... add PoC IPv6 auto-configuration daemon
2007-07-24 Daniel Hokka... Prettify error output.
2007-07-24 Daniel Hokka... Fix configuration conversion
2007-07-23 Faiyaz Ahmed Restart nm on util-vserver-python upgrade
2007-07-20 Daniel Hokka... re-add Marc's patch that got lost in the merge
2007-07-20 Daniel Hokka... Remove unneeded requires.
2007-07-20 Daniel Hokka... Add the conversion scripts.
2007-07-20 Daniel Hokka... Add some scripts to convert a legacy config to the...
2007-07-18 Daniel Hokka... skip the network context setup if it already exists
2007-07-18 Daniel Hokka... remove persistent to actually get rid of the contexts
2007-07-18 Daniel Hokka... indentation + use subprocess to avoid vdu zombies
2007-07-17 Daniel Hokka... be less strict regarding the capabilities
2007-07-17 Faiyaz Ahmed syntax.
2007-07-17 Faiyaz Ahmed Added CVS Id field.
2007-07-16 Daniel Hokka... add support for bcapabilities
2007-07-13 Daniel Hokka... -D makes install choke here, expecting the last path...
2007-07-13 Daniel Hokka... get rid of update_resources, simply use self.config...
2007-07-13 Daniel Hokka... work without vnet
2007-07-06 Daniel Hokka... set vm_running based on is_running, always update sched...
2007-07-06 Daniel Hokka... Fix typo.
2007-07-05 Daniel Hokka... fix some logic flaws
2007-07-05 Daniel Hokka... merge with 0.30.213
2007-07-05 Daniel Hokka... This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2007-06-28 Marc Fiuczynski use platform provided RLIMIT_ values
2007-06-22 Stephen Soltesz bumped release version for NM
2007-06-21 David E. Eisenstat Don't nuke /var/run.
2007-06-14 Marc Fiuczynski Sapan's fix for hung init script processes
2007-05-31 Marc Fiuczynski don't use lamba; put calls to vserverimpl in try blocks
2007-05-31 Marc Fiuczynski drops passing in flags to pl_chcontext
2007-05-20 David E. Eisenstat Change "slice suspended" and "not been allocated resour...
2007-05-15 Marc Fiuczynski - clean up vserver_set_rlimit()
2007-05-15 Marc Fiuczynski making 'adjust_lim' global function
2007-05-10 Marc Fiuczynski Fixed typo
2007-05-10 Marc Fiuczynski Reset internal state (limits_changed) of a vserver...
2007-05-10 Marc Fiuczynski Added support maintain state about whether limits have...
2007-05-10 Marc Fiuczynski Fix vserver_isrunning() by doing a simple stat of ...
2007-05-10 Marc Fiuczynski Cleaned up limit setting code
2007-05-10 Marc Fiuczynski Added is_running method.
2007-05-10 Marc Fiuczynski Added in a number of python exposed vserver constants.
2007-05-10 Marc Fiuczynski Moved getlimits and other support functions out to...
2007-05-10 Marc Fiuczynski generalized setting and getting of vserver limits
2007-05-10 Marc Fiuczynski command line program to both get and set a vservers...
2007-05-10 Marc Fiuczynski bumbed release number and added 'disklimit' as another...
2007-02-07 Mark Huang - on: sanity check exempt rates
2007-02-07 Mark Huang - set_bwlimit: interpret only minrate = None to mean...
2007-01-31 Marc Fiuczynski backing out to version 208 of util-vserver
2007-01-20 Marc Fiuczynski add in sample.conf to defaults_DATA; needed by vuseradd
2007-01-20 Marc Fiuczynski set Name, Version, and URL properly
2007-01-20 Marc Fiuczynski Fix up util-vserver-python support.
2007-01-18 Marc Fiuczynski merge to 0.30.212
2007-01-18 Marc Fiuczynski This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2006-12-15 Mark Huang bump release
2006-12-13 Faiyaz Ahmed * Passing maxrate = 0 to bwlimit.set() defaults to...
2006-12-01 David E. Eisenstat Use -p flag for useradd instead of running sed on ...
2006-11-27 Mark Huang - add defaults to init()
2006-11-18 Mark Huang force symlink creation
2006-11-13 Mark Huang - move vserver-reference to .vref/default
2006-11-13 Mark Huang - add -t option for specifying reference type (e.g...
2006-08-24 Mark Huang - bump release number for vserver.py bugfix
2006-07-20 David E. Eisenstat Fixed bug in method __update_config_file where when...
2006-07-01 Mark Huang - remove resman check
2006-05-26 Mark Huang fix triggerpostun workaround
2006-05-09 Mark Huang - bump release number
2006-05-01 Steve Muir Bump release number
2006-05-01 Steve Muir Fix set_bwlimit() to accept parameters for limit-exempt...
2006-05-01 Mark Huang simple interface to bwlimit.py module
2006-05-01 Mark Huang deprecate resman, install our own bwlimit tool
2006-04-26 Mark Huang RPMs get upgraded by installing the new one, then unins...
2006-04-24 Mark Huang - move all function documentation inside their respecti...
2006-04-21 Mark Huang create util-vserver-python datadir with correct permissions
2006-04-11 Mark Huang merge .spec changes
2006-04-11 Mark Huang - byte compile and install at %post time
2006-04-06 Mark Huang - bump release number
2006-04-06 Mark Huang - apparently commenting out Requires: lines is not...
2006-04-05 Mark Huang Remove apt dependency
2006-03-15 Steve Muir Load the ipset-related modules in init()
2006-03-14 Steve Muir remove some PL-specific details
2006-03-14 Steve Muir Export value for infinite disk quota.
2006-03-14 Steve Muir Read default VM id from config file
2006-03-14 Steve Muir Set a more sensible default CPU share
2006-03-14 Steve Muir Fix handling of CPU scheduling parameters