Merge 0.30.214.
[util-vserver.git] / python / vserverimpl.c
2007-11-23 Daniel Hokka Zakrisson Merge 0.30.214.
2007-10-11 Daniel Hokka Zakrisson Really don't rely on util-python anymore.
2007-07-30 Daniel Hokka Zakrisson ... and another typo
2007-07-30 Daniel Hokka Zakrisson Typo
2007-07-30 Daniel Hokka Zakrisson Figure out the mask/prefix automatically
2007-07-27 Daniel Hokka Zakrisson Add support for assigning IP addresses
2007-07-18 Daniel Hokka Zakrisson remove persistent to actually get rid of the contexts
2007-07-17 Daniel Hokka Zakrisson be less strict regarding the capabilities
2007-07-16 Daniel Hokka Zakrisson add support for bcapabilities
2007-07-05 Daniel Hokka Zakrisson merge with 0.30.213
2007-06-28 Marc Fiuczynski use platform provided RLIMIT_ values
2007-05-31 Marc Fiuczynski drops passing in flags to pl_chcontext
2007-05-15 Marc Fiuczynski - clean up vserver_set_rlimit()
2007-05-10 Marc Fiuczynski Fix vserver_isrunning() by doing a simple stat of ...
2007-05-10 Marc Fiuczynski Added in a number of python exposed vserver constants.
2006-03-09 Steve Muir Remove any notions of rspecs from util-vserver
2006-02-17 Steve Muir Add support for guaranteed CPU shares
2006-01-09 Steve Muir Don't barf when adjusting CPU share if there are no...
2005-12-02 Steve Muir Fix error handling for get_rspec
2005-12-01 Steve Muir Add killall() function, tidy up.
2005-11-09 Steve Muir Makes sense to check that this actually compiles
2005-11-09 Steve Muir Add function to remove disk limit
2005-11-02 Steve Muir Implement and use vserverimpl.setsched
2005-10-12 Steve Muir Read resource values from a resources dictionary
2005-10-07 Steve Muir Oops, don't limit slices to 4 processes
2005-10-07 Steve Muir Use common function to enter vserver context and set...
2005-10-05 Steve Muir Make disk limit handling more NM-friendly, get rid...
2005-09-27 Marc Fiuczynski Fix to implement chcontext so that NM's vserver start...
2005-09-22 Marc Fiuczynski Fixed a number of bugs:
2005-09-20 Marc Fiuczynski more fixes
2005-09-20 Marc Fiuczynski fix for multiple entry
2005-09-15 Marc Fiuczynski Updated chcontext to use new style vserver support...
2005-08-26 Mark Huang - remove (now redundant) protos
2005-07-11 Marc Fiuczynski Now exporting the vserver rlimit interface directly...
2005-07-11 Marc Fiuczynski Implements set_dlimit and get_dlimit for vserver disk...
2005-06-22 Marc Fiuczynski vserverimpl now includes support to set both task and...
2005-06-21 Marc Fiuczynski forgot to read in xid from python args
2005-06-18 Marc Fiuczynski added setsched and dlimit vserver syscall support
2005-05-20 Steve Muir Beginnings of vserver module to support manipulation...