Don't wait for the initscripts to complete.
[util-vserver.git] / python /
2007-10-13 Daniel Hokka Zakrisson Don't wait for the initscripts to complete.
2007-10-11 Daniel Hokka Zakrisson Really don't rely on util-python anymore.
2007-08-02 Faiyaz Ahmed remove whitelist support.
2007-08-02 Daniel Hokka Zakrisson Cache the entire file
2007-08-02 Daniel Hokka Zakrisson Can't touch the configuration after we chroot
2007-08-01 Daniel Hokka Zakrisson Fix typo and a traceback
2007-08-01 Daniel Hokka Zakrisson Make sure the configuration directory exists and that...
2007-07-31 Daniel Hokka Zakrisson spawnvp only takes three arguments
2007-07-31 Daniel Hokka Zakrisson close is implicit in dup2
2007-07-31 Daniel Hokka Zakrisson Make file descriptor handling more resilient
2007-07-31 Daniel Hokka Zakrisson Fix typo and remove old IP addresses
2007-07-27 Daniel Hokka Zakrisson Add support for assigning IP addresses
2007-07-24 Daniel Hokka Zakrisson Fix configuration conversion
2007-07-20 Daniel Hokka Zakrisson re-add Marc's patch that got lost in the merge
2007-07-18 Daniel Hokka Zakrisson indentation + use subprocess to avoid vdu zombies
2007-07-17 Daniel Hokka Zakrisson be less strict regarding the capabilities
2007-07-17 Faiyaz Ahmed syntax.
2007-07-17 Faiyaz Ahmed Added CVS Id field.
2007-07-16 Daniel Hokka Zakrisson add support for bcapabilities
2007-07-13 Daniel Hokka Zakrisson get rid of update_resources, simply use self.config...
2007-07-06 Daniel Hokka Zakrisson set vm_running based on is_running, always update sched...
2007-07-05 Daniel Hokka Zakrisson merge with 0.30.213
2007-06-28 Marc Fiuczynski use platform provided RLIMIT_ values
2007-06-21 David E. Eisenstat Don't nuke /var/run.
2007-06-14 Marc Fiuczynski Sapan's fix for hung init script processes
2007-05-31 Marc Fiuczynski don't use lamba; put calls to vserverimpl in try blocks
2007-05-10 Marc Fiuczynski Fixed typo
2007-05-10 Marc Fiuczynski Reset internal state (limits_changed) of a vserver...
2007-05-10 Marc Fiuczynski Added support maintain state about whether limits have...
2007-05-10 Marc Fiuczynski Added is_running method.
2007-02-07 Mark Huang - set_bwlimit: interpret only minrate = None to mean...
2006-07-20 David E. Eisenstat Fixed bug in method __update_config_file where when...
2006-05-01 Steve Muir Fix set_bwlimit() to accept parameters for limit-exempt...
2006-03-14 Steve Muir Export value for infinite disk quota.
2006-03-14 Steve Muir Read default VM id from config file
2006-03-14 Steve Muir Fix handling of CPU scheduling parameters
2006-03-09 Steve Muir Remove any notions of rspecs from util-vserver, fix...
2006-02-17 Steve Muir Add support for guaranteed CPU shares
2006-01-18 Steve Muir Update disk usage info when get_disklimit called
2005-12-01 Steve Muir Add method to stop a vserver
2005-11-09 Steve Muir Add support for removing resource (disk, network) limits
2005-11-08 Steve Muir Remove unused code to handle vserver flags
2005-11-08 Steve Muir Tidy up handling of network parameters, don't rely...
2005-11-02 Steve Muir Implement and use vserverimpl.setsched
2005-11-01 Steve Muir Remove unreachable code and confusing comment
2005-10-28 Steve Muir Fix handling of over-quota condition
2005-10-12 Steve Muir Pass resources dict to lower-level chcontext function...
2005-10-07 Steve Muir Allow caller to indicate that disk usage values have...
2005-10-07 Steve Muir Convert values to strings before writing to config...
2005-10-07 Steve Muir Use symbolic constant for no limit
2005-10-07 Steve Muir Should chdir after chroot
2005-10-06 Steve Muir Convert DISKLIMIT value to an integer
2005-10-05 Steve Muir Don't barf if we can't unlink a non-existent file
2005-10-05 Steve Muir Apply disklimit when starting vservers.
2005-10-05 Steve Muir Make disk limit handling more NM-friendly, get rid...
2005-09-27 Marc Fiuczynski Fix to implement chcontext so that NM's vserver start...
2005-09-20 Marc Fiuczynski more fixes
2005-09-15 Marc Fiuczynski updated scheduling and chcontext code to work with...
2005-08-28 Mark Huang - python does not export variables beginning with under...
2005-08-26 Mark Huang VROOTDIR changed to __DEFAULT_VSERVERDIR
2005-07-12 Marc Fiuczynski Added support to set bwlimits.
2005-07-11 Marc Fiuczynski Added CKRM compatibility for set_sched.
2005-07-11 Marc Fiuczynski Added get/set memlimit and tasklimit.
2005-07-11 Marc Fiuczynski Added set_sched for vserver scheduler.
2005-07-11 Marc Fiuczynski Modified set_dlimit to print a warning message when...
2005-07-11 Marc Fiuczynski Added set_dlimit and get_dlimit to be used by NM to...
2005-06-15 Steve Muir vserver start: allow caller to wait for vserver to...
2005-06-15 Steve Muir vserver prep: set runlevel in /var/run/utmp, mount...
2005-06-08 Steve Muir Closer approximation to how the vserver script starts...
2005-06-08 Steve Muir Simpler use of chroot and chcontext
2005-06-03 Steve Muir Fix the open and start methods
2005-06-03 Steve Muir Return child's PID when starting a vserver
2005-06-03 Steve Muir Add method to start a vserver
2005-05-23 Steve Muir Add method to enter a vserver
2005-05-20 Steve Muir Beginnings of vserver module to support manipulation...