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[util-vserver.git] / lib / planetlab.h
2007-11-23 Daniel Hokka Zakrisson Merge 0.30.214.
2007-08-06 Daniel Hokka Zakrisson Remove unnecessary code, use const where appropriate
2007-08-03 Daniel Hokka Zakrisson Set the ulimits whenever pl_chcontext is called
2007-08-03 Daniel Hokka Zakrisson whitelist cleanups
2007-07-16 Daniel Hokka Zakrisson add support for bcapabilities
2007-05-31 Marc Fiuczynski drops passing in flags to pl_chcontext
2007-05-15 Marc Fiuczynski making 'adjust_lim' global function
2007-05-10 Marc Fiuczynski Cleaned up limit setting code
2007-05-10 Marc Fiuczynski generalized setting and getting of vserver limits
2006-03-09 Steve Muir Remove any notions of rspecs from util-vserver
2005-11-09 Steve Muir Remove unnecessary constant definition
2005-10-07 Steve Muir Created common function to enter vserver context and...