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1 <?xml version="1.0"?>
2 <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "">
3 <html xmlns="">
4   <head>
5     <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />
6     <title>compatibility of util-vserver alpha branch</title>
7     <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="compatibility.css" />
8   </head>
9   <body>
10     <h1>compatibility of util-vserver alpha branch</h1>
11     <div class="program">
12       <div class="name">LIBDIR/capchroot</div>
13       <div class="clicompat">Command line interface compatibility: yes</div>
14       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: yes</div>
15     </div>
16     <div class="program">
17       <div class="name">LIBDIR/distrib-info (removed)</div>
18       <div class="clicompat">Command line interface compatibility: no<div class="text">replaced by vpkg</div></div>
19       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: no</div>
20     </div>
21     <div class="program">
22       <div class="name">LIBDIR/fakerunlevel</div>
23       <div class="clicompat">Command line interface compatibility: yes</div>
24       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: yes</div>
25     </div>
26     <div class="program">
27       <div class="name">LIBDIR/filetime</div>
28       <div class="clicompat">Command line interface compatibility: yes</div>
29       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: yes</div>
30     </div>
31     <div class="program">
32       <div class="name">LIBDIR/ifspec</div>
33       <div class="clicompat">Command line interface compatibility: yes</div>
34       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: yes</div>
35     </div>
36     <div class="program">
37       <div class="name">LIBDIR/install-* (removed)</div>
38       <div class="clicompat">Command line interface compatibility: no<div class="text">Replaced by more general build-methods which are building vservers from apt-repositories.</div></div>
39       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: no</div>
40     </div>
41     <div class="program">
42       <div class="name">LIBDIR/listdevip</div>
43       <div class="clicompat">Command line interface compatibility: yes</div>
44       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: yes</div>
45     </div>
46     <div class="program">
47       <div class="name">LIBDIR/parserpmdump</div>
48       <div class="clicompat">Command line interface compatibility: yes</div>
49       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: yes</div>
50     </div>
51     <div class="program">
52       <div class="name">LIBDIR/readlink</div>
53       <div class="clicompat">Command line interface compatibility: yes</div>
54       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: yes</div>
55     </div>
56     <div class="program">
57       <div class="name">LIBDIR/rootshell</div>
58       <div class="clicompat">Command line interface compatibility: yes</div>
59       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: yes</div>
60     </div>
61     <div class="program">
62       <div class="name">LIBDIR/ (removed)</div>
63       <div class="clicompat">Command line interface compatibility: no<div class="text">incompatible with recent configuration style.</div></div>
64       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: no</div>
65     </div>
66     <div class="program">
67       <div class="name">LIBDIR/save_s_context (removed)</div>
68       <div class="clicompat">Command line interface compatibility: no<div class="text">incompatible with recent configuration style; partially replaced by save_ctxinfo.</div></div>
69       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: yes</div>
70     </div>
71     <div class="program">
72       <div class="name">LIBDIR/setattr</div>
73       <div class="clicompat">Command line interface compatibility: no<div class="text">Has been moved into SBINDIR. Lots of new option were added to support new functionality.</div></div>
74       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: no<div class="text">It is possible to recurse directories and it supports
75       all vserver related attributes (admin, hide, watch, barrier,
76       iunlink).</div></div>
77     </div>
78     <div class="program">
79       <div class="name">LIBDIR/showattr</div>
80       <div class="clicompat">Command line interface compatibility: no<div class="text">Has been moved into SBINDIR. Lots of new option were added to support new functionality.</div></div>
81       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: no<div class="text">It is possible to recurse directories and it supports all
82       vserver related attributes (admin, hide, watch, barrier,
83       iunlink). The output has been changed: the flags are now in the
84       first column and they are displayed in a symbolic manner.</div></div>
85     </div>
86     <div class="program">
87       <div class="name">LIBDIR/showperm</div>
88       <div class="clicompat">Command line interface compatibility: yes</div>
89       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: yes</div>
90     </div>
91     <div class="program">
92       <div class="name">LIBDIR/vbuild (broken)</div>
93       <div class="clicompat">Command line interface compatibility: yes</div>
94       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: no<div class="text">will be removed/rewritten soon.</div></div>
95     </div>
96     <div class="program">
97       <div class="name">LIBDIR/vcheck (broken)</div>
98       <div class="clicompat">Command line interface compatibility: yes</div>
99       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: no<div class="text">will be removed/rewritten soon.</div></div>
100     </div>
101     <div class="program">
102       <div class="name">LIBDIR/vprofile (removed)</div>
103       <div class="clicompat">Command line interface compatibility: no<div class="text">incompatible with recent configuration style.</div></div>
104       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: no</div>
105     </div>
106     <div class="program">
107       <div class="name">LIBDIR/vreboot</div>
108       <div class="clicompat">Command line interface compatibility: yes</div>
109       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: yes</div>
110     </div>
111     <div class="program">
112       <div class="name">LIBDIR/vserverkillall (removed)</div>
113       <div class="clicompat">Command line interface compatibility: no<div class="text">vkill contains the needed functionality
114       already.</div></div>
115       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: no</div>
116     </div>
117     <div class="program">
118       <div class="name">LIBDIR/</div>
119       <div class="clicompat">Command line interface compatibility: yes</div>
120       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: yes</div>
121     </div>
122     <div class="program">
123       <div class="name">LIBDIR/vunify (rewritten)</div>
124       <div class="clicompat">Command line interface compatibility: no<div class="text">CLI has been changed to reflect new functionality. Now, it
125       accepts either a single vserver, or (directory,excludelist)
126       pairs as arguments. The old "refserver vserver1 vserver2 ..." 
127       syntax is gone.</div></div>
128       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: limited<div class="text">vunify allows to unify generic paths, or vservers with
129       preconfigured reference vservers. The filelist is not taken from
130       packagemanagement anymore, but every file which has a counterpart
131       in the reference-path(s)/vserver(s) and is not in an excludelist
132       will be unified. A part of the excludelist will be generated
133       dynamically with information from the packagemanagement about
134       configfiles.</div></div>
135     </div>
136     <div class="program">
137       <div class="name">SBINDIR/chbind</div>
138       <div class="clicompat">Command line interface compatibility: yes</div>
139       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: yes</div>
140     </div>
141     <div class="program">
142       <div class="name">SBINDIR/chcontext</div>
143       <div class="clicompat">Command line interface compatibility: yes</div>
144       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: yes<div class="text">Return code in '--disconnect' case is now more correctly.</div></div>
145     </div>
146     <div class="program">
147       <div class="name">SBINDIR/rebootmgr</div>
148       <div class="clicompat">Command line interface compatibility: yes</div>
149       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: yes</div>
150     </div>
151     <div class="program">
152       <div class="name">SBINDIR/reducecap</div>
153       <div class="clicompat">Command line interface compatibility: yes</div>
154       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: yes</div>
155     </div>
156     <div class="program">
157       <div class="name">SBINDIR/vdu</div>
158       <div class="clicompat">Command line interface compatibility: yes</div>
159       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: yes</div>
160     </div>
161     <div class="program">
162       <div class="name">SBINDIR/vfiles (broken)</div>
163       <div class="clicompat">Command line interface compatibility: yes</div>
164       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: no<div class="text">will be removed/rewritten soon.</div></div>
165     </div>
166     <div class="program">
167       <div class="name">SBINDIR/vkill (rewritten)</div>
168       <div class="clicompat">Command line interface compatibility: yes</div>
169       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: limited<div class="text">It uses native kernel interface now and is secure (in
170       opposite to the old perl implementation).</div></div>
171     </div>
172     <div class="program">
173       <div class="name">SBINDIR/vps (rewritten)</div>
174       <div class="clicompat">Command line interface compatibility: yes</div>
175       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: limited<div class="text">It has been rewritten into C and output might have been changed slightly.</div></div>
176     </div>
177     <div class="program">
178       <div class="name">SBINDIR/vpstree</div>
179       <div class="clicompat">Command line interface compatibility: yes</div>
180       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: yes</div>
181     </div>
182     <div class="program">
183       <div class="name">SBINDIR/vrpm (rewritten)</div>
184       <div class="clicompat">Command line interface compatibility: yes</div>
185       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: limited<div class="text">It has been rewritten into a secure, native C
186       implementation. Unpacking of files happens in host-ctx, but
187       scriptlets are executed in vserver context. The rpm database
188       will/can be hold outside of the vserver and there will never be
189       access on it from the inside (neither direct, nor by
190       scriptlets). This is implemented through an LD_PRELOAD wrapper
191       which provides own, secure NSS functions too.</div></div>
192     </div>
193     <div class="program">
194       <div class="name">SBINDIR/vserver (rewritten)</div>
195       <div class="clicompat">Command line interface compatibility: limited<div class="text">It accepts all the old arguments, but adds lots of new
196       ones. This program is intended as the basic vserver management
197       tool; e.g. to unify a vserver you can execute "vserver XX unify",
198       to install a package "vserver XX install PKG" and so on.</div></div>
199       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: limited<div class="text">This tool is rewritten to completely and is now resistant
200       against symlink attacks. It uses the new configuration scheme
201       and the iproute2 tools instead of ifconfig for network
202       setup. Old-style vserver can be still started through this tool,
203       but modifications/building of them is not possible
204       anymore.</div></div>
205     </div>
206     <div class="program">
207       <div class="name">SBINDIR/vserver-copy (broken)</div>
208       <div class="clicompat">Command line interface compatibility: yes</div>
209       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: no<div class="text">will be removed/rewritten soon.</div></div>
210     </div>
211     <div class="program">
212       <div class="name">SBINDIR/vserver-stat (rewritten)</div>
213       <div class="clicompat">Command line interface compatibility: yes</div>
214       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: yes<div class="text">It has been rewritten to use the new libvserver API. The
215       output has been changed slightly.</div></div>
216     </div>
217     <div class="program">
218       <div class="name">SBINDIR/vtop</div>
219       <div class="clicompat">Command line interface compatibility: yes</div>
220       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: yes</div>
221     </div>
222     <div class="program">
223       <div class="name">SBINDIR/exec-cd (new)</div>
224       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: yes<div class="text">changes into a directory in a secure manner and executes a
225       program there.</div></div>
226     </div>
227     <div class="program">
228       <div class="name">LIBDIR/rpm-fake-resolver (new)</div>
229       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: yes<div class="text">NSS resolver; used by vrpm and executed in
230       vserver-ctx.</div></div>
231     </div>
232     <div class="program">
233       <div class="name">LIBDIR/ (new)</div>
234       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: yes<div class="text">LD_PRELOAD wrapper; used by vrpm.</div></div>
235     </div>
236     <div class="program">
237       <div class="name">LIBDIR/vapt-get-worker (new)</div>
238       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: yes<div class="text">Helper script for vapt-get.</div></div>
239     </div>
240     <div class="program">
241       <div class="name">LIBDIR/vpkg (new)</div>
242       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: yes<div class="text">Generic interface for package management; it allows
243       to install, remove or query packages in a distribution
244       independent manner. It can be seen as the successor of
245       distrib-info.</div></div>
246     </div>
247     <div class="program">
248       <div class="name">LIBDIR/vrpm-preload (new)</div>
249       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: yes<div class="text">Helper script for vrpm.</div></div>
250     </div>
251     <div class="program">
252       <div class="name">LIBDIR/vrpm-worker (new)</div>
253       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: yes<div class="text">Helper script for vrpm.</div></div>
254     </div>
255     <div class="program">
256       <div class="name">LIBDIR/vserver-build (new)</div>
257       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: yes<div class="text">Builds a vserver from scratch and allows to select the
258       used method. It will be called by the "vserver XY build"
259       command.</div></div>
260     </div>
261     <div class="program">
262       <div class="name">SBINDIR/vapt-get (new)</div>
263       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: yes<div class="text">Wrapper for apt-get; currently only the apt-rpm port
264       is supported. Metadata will/can be stored outside of the
265       vserver. This program call vrpm.</div></div>
266     </div>
267     <div class="program">
268       <div class="name">SBINDIR/chxid (new)</div>
269       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: yes<div class="text">This program assigns the associated context of an inode. It
270       replaces parts of the vserver-quota tools.</div></div>
271     </div>
272     <div class="program">
273       <div class="name">SBINDIR/lsxid (new)</div>
274       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: yes<div class="text">This program shows the associated context of an inode. It
275       replaces parts of the vserver-quota tools.</div></div>
276     </div>
277     <div class="program">
278       <div class="name">SBINDIR/new-namespace (new)</div>
279       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: yes<div class="text">This program starts a program within a new namespace which is
280       created with CLONE_NEWNS. It is used e.g. by vrpm to
281       map the rpm-database into the vserver in a secure manner.</div></div>
282     </div>
283     <div class="program">
284       <div class="name">SBINDIR/vlimit (new)</div>
285       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: yes<div class="text">This is an interface to the rlimit syscalls which allow to
286       limit resource-usage of contexts.</div></div>
287     </div>
288     <div class="program">
289       <div class="name">SBINDIR/vrsetup (new)</div>
290       <div class="funccompat">Functional compatibility: yes<div class="text">This program allows to setup vroot devices. It replaces
291       vrsetup from the vr-tools</div></div>
292     </div>
293   </body>
294 </html>