last changeSat, 9 Mar 2013 22:27:48 +0000
2013-03-09 Stephen Soltesz Setting tag util-vserver-pl-0.4-29 master util-vserver-pl-0.4-29
2013-03-09 Stephen Soltesz trim capability prefix to allow setting single bit
2012-08-28 Andy Bavier Setting tag util-vserver-pl-0.4-28 util-vserver-pl-0.4-28
2012-08-28 Andy Bavier Port fix for IPv6 segfault from 0.3 branch
2012-07-19 Thierry Parmentelat Setting tag util-vserver-pl-0.4-27 util-vserver-pl-0.4-27
2012-07-18 Thierry Parmentelat fix remaining import of bwlimit
2012-07-18 Thierry Parmentelat removed svn keywords
2012-07-18 Thierry Parmentelat remove bwlimit from this module, now in plnode-utils
2011-06-07 Thierry Parmentelat Setting tag util-vserver-pl-0.4-26 util-vserver-pl-0.4-26
2011-05-12 Stephen Soltesz Add isolated_loopback support in vservers at creation...
2011-03-23 S.Çağlar... Setting tag util-vserver-pl-0.4-25 util-vserver-pl-0.4-25
2011-03-23 S.Çağlar... vuserdel doesn't handle new vserver features that we...
2011-03-10 S.Çağlar... Setting tag util-vserver-pl-0.4-24 util-vserver-pl-0.4-24
2011-03-10 S.Çağlar... migrate only when neccessary
2011-03-09 smbaker associate SSH processes with the appropriate cgroup
2011-03-02 S.Çağlar... Setting tag util-vserver-pl-0.4-23 util-vserver-pl-0.4-23
6 years ago util-vserver-pl-0.4-29 Setting tag util-vserver-pl-0.4-29
7 years ago util-vserver-pl-0.4-28 Setting tag util-vserver-pl-0.4-28
7 years ago util-vserver-pl-0.4-27 Setting tag util-vserver-pl-0.4-27
7 years ago util-vserver-pl-0.3-35 Setting tag util-vserver-pl-0.3-35
7 years ago util-vserver-pl-0.3-34 Setting tag util-vserver-pl-0.3-34
7 years ago util-vserver-pl-0.3-33 Setting tag util-vserver-pl-0.3-33
8 years ago util-vserver-pl-0.4-26 Setting tag util-vserver-pl-0.4-26
8 years ago util-vserver-pl-0.4-25 Setting tag util-vserver-pl-0.4-25
8 years ago util-vserver-pl-0.4-24 Setting tag util-vserver-pl-0.4-24
8 years ago util-vserver-pl-0.4-23 Setting tag util-vserver-pl-0.4-23
8 years ago util-vserver-pl-0.4-22 Setting tag util-vserver-pl-0.4-22
9 years ago util-vserver-pl-0.4-21 Setting tag util-vserver-pl-0.4-21
9 years ago util-vserver-pl-0.4-20 Setting tag util-vserver-pl-0.4-20
9 years ago util-vserver-pl-0.3-32 Setting tag util-vserver-pl-0.3-32
9 years ago util-vserver-pl-0.4-19 Setting tag util-vserver-pl-0.4-19
9 years ago util-vserver-pl-0.4-18 Setting tag util-vserver-pl-0.4-18
6 years ago master
7 years ago 0.3
9 years ago trellis