move vplc instances to buzzcocks - that is also the build box
[tests.git] / qaapi /
2008-04-08 Tony Mack -removed start_xmlrpc_server() method.
2008-04-08 Tony Mack -added get_path() method
2008-04-08 Tony Mack modify header() to make logging output optional.
2008-04-08 Tony Mack changed 'plc' attribute to plural 'plcs'. Some object...
2008-04-08 Tony Mack move logfile to /var/log/ for now
2008-04-08 Tony Mack call update_api() on plc before returning it in get_plc()
2008-04-02 Tony Mack use different methods for interacting with host machine...
2008-04-02 Tony Mack fix errors
2008-04-02 Tony Mack move some logic out of get_remote_command to more gener...
2008-04-02 Tony Mack move verbose check here
2008-04-02 Tony Mack added methods for interacting with host machine
2008-04-02 Tony Mack update api server settings
2008-04-02 Tony Mack no longer needed
2008-04-02 Tony Mack updated node configuration
2008-04-02 Tony Mack added qemu option '-redir'
2008-04-02 Tony Mack added 'redir_port' attribute
2008-04-01 Tony Mack must remember test data is stored in dicts now, not...
2008-03-31 Tony Mack fix errors
2008-03-31 Tony Mack update remote_command() to check if hostname from confi...
2008-03-31 Tony Mack removed to eliminate naming conflict
2008-03-31 Tony Mack use instead of
2008-03-31 Tony Mack rename to to eliminate naming...
2008-03-26 Tony Mack deleted
2008-03-26 Tony Mack supports multiple plcs
2008-03-26 Tony Mack simplify
2008-03-26 Tony Mack simplify
2008-03-26 Tony Mack simplify
2008-03-26 Tony Mack simplify
2008-03-26 Tony Mack simplify
2008-03-26 Tony Mack helper methods for creating/destroying vservers
2008-03-26 Tony Mack simplify
2008-03-26 Tony Mack simplify
2008-03-26 Tony Mack simplify
2008-03-26 Tony Mack copy of vtest-nightly file from build module. will...
2008-03-26 Tony Mack -added popen3
2008-03-26 Tony Mack -added popen3(), verbose output
2008-03-26 Tony Mack - removed some hardcoded values. modified start_xmlrpc_...
2008-03-26 Tony Mack removed hardcoded rootkey
2008-03-26 Tony Mack modified load() to load confg elements as dicts, not...
2008-03-26 Tony Mack changed some configuration values. removed some hardcod...
2008-03-26 Tony Mack system testing script
2008-03-22 Marc Fiuczynski call config.load with qa/ to get the test...
2008-03-22 Marc Fiuczynski typo: tempfname -> tmpfname
2008-03-18 Tony Mack call plc.start_xmlrpc_server incause the default server...
2008-03-18 Tony Mack -fix errors. - added verbose output
2008-03-18 Tony Mack added start_xmlrpc_server() which is used to start...
2008-03-18 Tony Mack cleanup
2008-03-18 Tony Mack updated to support remote plcs and nodes
2008-03-18 Tony Mack fix commands() method
2008-03-18 Tony Mack - Added Node, Site, Slice, Person, and PLC classes...
2008-03-18 Tony Mack -support multiple plc instances with different configur...
2008-03-18 Tony Mack get loadable config data from object in a pythong confi...
2008-03-14 Sapan Bhatia Added test for planetflow 2.
2008-03-14 Sapan Bhatia Description fpr planetflow2
2008-03-14 Sapan Bhatia Added a description directory.
2008-03-14 Sapan Bhatia Merging in vsys tests
2008-02-22 Tony Mack test misc Get and administrative methods
2008-02-21 Tony Mack test Messages, Sessions
2008-02-20 Tony Mack Andy's updates
2008-02-20 Tony Mack more tests. fix errors
2008-02-19 Tony Mack fix errors
2008-02-18 Tony Mack added more tests
2008-02-18 Andy Bavier Duplicate uni tests on SMP
2008-02-14 Marc Fiuczynski use different defaults
2008-02-14 Marc Fiuczynski work around some odd bug when running runtest twice
2008-02-12 Marc Fiuczynski update plc_configure to match Tony's previous update...
2008-02-12 Marc Fiuczynski first stab at nannying a qemu booted node
2008-02-11 Tony Mack catch exceptions when trying to create test instances
2008-02-08 Marc Fiuczynski can now pass in config file as argument, which will...
2008-02-08 Marc Fiuczynski make sure plc is stopped before configuring it, use...
2008-02-08 Marc Fiuczynski move the invocation of Config() into the __init__ funct...
2008-02-08 Marc Fiuczynski Need to define a default PLC_API_HOST value for the...
2008-02-08 Marc Fiuczynski Properly handle the case when keys exists and the new...
2008-02-08 Marc Fiuczynski remove white space in command
2008-02-07 Tony Mack log all header output as well as commands and their...
2008-02-07 Tony Mack register logfile attribute
2008-02-07 Marc Fiuczynski call gethostname directly via the socket API vs. invoki...
2008-02-06 Tony Mack deleting
2008-02-06 Tony Mack accept individual plc_config options
2008-02-04 Tony Mack -use config.api, -added Keys test
2008-01-31 Tony Mack run node tests
2008-01-31 Tony Mack add default value for root_key_path param
2008-01-31 Tony Mack node test scripts
2008-01-31 Tony Mack used to run node test scripts on the specified node
2008-01-31 Tony Mack no longer use plcsh
2008-01-31 Tony Mack deleting
2008-01-31 Tony Mack no longer rely on plcsh. Config will either import...
2008-01-31 Tony Mack do not define host/ip for plc services. let Config...
2008-01-31 Tony Mack define some helpful paths, define the list of acceptabl...
2008-01-31 Tony Mack return wrapper
2008-01-31 Tony Mack only import first level of tests directory
2008-01-31 Tony Mack added commands utility
2008-01-31 Tony Mack updated
2008-01-31 Andy Bavier Tighten up checks for reservations
2008-01-30 Tony Mack deleted
2008-01-29 Tony Mack comment out plc_configure for now. Dont want to undo...
2008-01-29 Tony Mack dont attepmt to boot node utill nodenetwork specs are...
2008-01-29 Tony Mack fix a lot of errors. use plcsh instead of xmlrpc
2008-01-29 Tony Mack attempt to execute file from bash if call() fails
2008-01-29 Tony Mack deleted