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[sfa.git] / sfatables /
2012-06-12 Andy Bavier Add request context for GENI rspecs
2011-10-26 Thierry Parmentelat trimmed useless imports, unstarred all imports
2011-04-06 Thierry Parmentelat reviewed imports, tolerant on some that are hard to...
2011-04-05 Thierry Parmentelat cleaned up imports
2010-03-11 Andy Bavier Revert accidental checkin
2010-03-11 Andy Bavier Fixed a bug that showed instances not associated with...
2010-01-25 Andy Bavier Test case for new VINI RSpec
2010-01-25 Andy Bavier Change for new VINI RSpec format
2010-01-05 Thierry Parmentelat removed another bunch of references to geni
2009-11-12 Andy Bavier Small bug fix for case when kbps not specified
2009-11-12 Sapan Bhatia Limit b/w on a particular node
2009-11-12 Sapan Bhatia Restrict b/w only on one node.
2009-11-09 Sapan Bhatia The previous expression for copying the current node...
2009-11-09 Sapan Bhatia Copy attributes in addition of internal tags.
2009-11-09 Sapan Bhatia Bug fix that was dropping the nodespec's attributes.
2009-11-06 Sapan Bhatia Adding a new rule for limiting node bandwidth, minor...
2009-11-06 Andy Bavier Cap kbps values rather than discard LinkSpecs
2009-11-05 Andy Bavier Renamed max-link-bandwidth to max-link-kbps for clarity
2009-11-05 Andy Bavier Fixed typos
2009-11-03 Sapan Bhatia Flowspec processor for sfatables.
2009-11-03 Sapan Bhatia Added extensions for flowspecs.
2009-10-29 Andy Bavier Attempted fixes
2009-10-28 Andy Bavier Add match on slice HRN
2009-10-27 Andy Bavier Print all rules
2009-10-27 Andy Bavier Very basic Insert command
2009-10-27 Sapan Bhatia (no commit message)
2009-10-27 Sapan Bhatia (no commit message)
2009-10-27 Sapan Bhatia Removed debugging line
2009-10-27 Sapan Bhatia Removeddebugging lines.
2009-10-27 Sapan Bhatia More bug fixes...
2009-10-27 Sapan Bhatia Modified a processor to conform to the XML schema of...
2009-10-27 Sapan Bhatia Bracket.
2009-10-27 Sapan Bhatia Fixed a bug we ran into a demo with Andy. Stop on termi...
2009-10-26 Sapan Bhatia Removed a debugging statement
2009-10-26 Sapan Bhatia Removed some debuggin print statements.
2009-10-26 Sapan Bhatia (no commit message)
2009-10-26 Sapan Bhatia Bug fix
2009-10-26 Sapan Bhatia Keep xml files valid :-/
2009-10-26 Sapan Bhatia Keep parameter names non-colliding
2009-10-26 Sapan Bhatia Adding a node filtering rule for legacy rspecs.
2009-10-26 Sapan Bhatia Adding a restrict to rspec file for our legacy rspec
2009-10-26 Sapan Bhatia Changed Rspec --> RSpec throughout.
2009-10-26 Sapan Bhatia rspec -> Rspec. TODO: change all XML literals into...
2009-10-26 Sapan Bhatia Remove all sfatables processing if there are no rules.
2009-10-26 Sapan Bhatia This is hopefully the first version of sfatables that...
2009-10-26 Sapan Bhatia Only load those arguments into the target that have...
2009-10-26 Sapan Bhatia Matches operate on the request context.
2009-10-26 Sapan Bhatia Added separate contexts for matches and targets, instea...
2009-10-26 Sapan Bhatia Remove both match and target contexts after a rule...
2009-10-26 Sapan Bhatia Set up different namespaces for match and target arguments.
2009-10-26 Sapan Bhatia Continuation of bug fixes and integration-related fixes.
2009-10-26 Sapan Bhatia We need post processing after every rule, then a final...
2009-10-26 Sapan Bhatia Continuation - adding request and rule contexts to...
2009-10-26 Sapan Bhatia Insert the current context into the rspec for the rules...
2009-10-26 Sapan Bhatia Bug fixes and cleanups
2009-10-26 Sapan Bhatia Looks like I hadn't committed this file previously.
2009-10-25 Sapan Bhatia Live and learn. Some properties in this code were being...
2009-10-23 Sapan Bhatia Optimize the rule processing function to parse only...
2009-10-22 Sapan Bhatia Cleaning up...
2009-10-22 Sapan Bhatia Cleanup...
2009-10-22 Sapan Bhatia Cleaning up.
2009-10-02 Barış Metin - fix typo
2009-10-02 Barış Metin - SFATablesRules for rspec_manager:fetch_context(....
2009-10-02 Barış Metin - fix writing sfatables rules
2009-10-02 Barış Metin - make matches and targets loaded w/o making hem python...
2009-10-02 Barış Metin install sfatables
2009-09-24 Sapan Bhatia Added a stub to avoid breaking sfa.
2009-09-24 Sapan Bhatia Making room for request-specific input in the test...
2009-09-22 Sapan Bhatia Fixed the test rspec to match the new values.
2009-09-22 Sapan Bhatia Added elements to the list command
2009-09-22 Sapan Bhatia Added element support to the main sfatables file
2009-09-22 Sapan Bhatia all restrictions are specific to the current user,...
2009-09-22 Sapan Bhatia Updating new target names in the initializer.
2009-09-22 Sapan Bhatia Still reorganizing the default set of rules
2009-09-22 Sapan Bhatia Reorganized targets
2009-09-21 Sapan Bhatia Reogranizing processors
2009-09-17 Anil-Kumar Vengalil path for import modules
2009-09-16 Sapan Bhatia Bug fix
2009-09-16 Sapan Bhatia Added a test case to test the current set of rules.
2009-09-16 Sapan Bhatia Implemented terminal rules
2009-09-16 Sapan Bhatia Added a match that returns true for every request.
2009-09-16 Sapan Bhatia (no commit message)
2009-09-16 Sapan Bhatia Added a "negate result" option
2009-09-16 Sapan Bhatia Tweaks to xmlrule and
2009-09-16 Sapan Bhatia slice whitelist
2009-09-16 Sapan Bhatia Adding test.xml to test slice_whitelist.xsl
2009-09-16 Sapan Bhatia Added slice_whitelist match for VINI.
2009-09-15 Sapan Bhatia (no commit message)
2009-09-15 Sapan Bhatia Tweak.
2009-09-15 Sapan Bhatia Added Delete command
2009-09-15 Sapan Bhatia Moved xslt extensions to processors/
2009-09-15 Sapan Bhatia Integrated XSLT processors.
2009-09-15 Sapan Bhatia Bug fix.
2009-09-15 Sapan Bhatia Made some tweaks to the readme file.
2009-09-14 Larry Peterson internalized README
2009-09-14 Sapan Bhatia Minor tweak to README
2009-09-14 Sapan Bhatia Added max link bandwidth target for VINI.
2009-09-14 Sapan Bhatia Load terminal rules
2009-09-14 Sapan Bhatia Added a new attribute to targets -- 'terminal', which...
2009-09-14 Sapan Bhatia (no commit message)