fix for Brecht; when forging the email we were adding a hrn that had backslashes...
[sfa.git] / sfa / planetlab /
2014-11-18 Thierry Parmentelat fix for Brecht; when forging the email we were adding...
2014-09-04 Loic Baron MyPLC fix: slice expires set with UpdateSlice, not...
2014-08-22 Thierry Parmentelat AddPerson ignores 'enabled':True, need to issue an...
2014-08-20 Thierry Parmentelat Hopefully this version of should be usable
2014-08-19 Thierry Parmentelat further refinements to plslices
2014-08-19 Thierry Parmentelat avoiding an API call if possible
2014-08-19 Thierry Parmentelat various bug fixes on the new release of verify_persons
2014-08-19 Thierry Parmentelat rewrote verify_persons
2014-08-18 Thierry Parmentelat cleanup
2014-07-17 Thierry Parmentelat huge cleanup for removing mutables used as default
2014-03-28 Mohamed Larabi pl: we need to distinguish between local pl sites/slice...
2014-02-27 Tony Mack fix NameError
2014-02-25 Tony Mack use plxrn to process xrns
2013-12-16 Mohamed Larabi Provision(), Delete() and PerformOperationalAction...
2013-12-13 Mohamed Larabi pl: wider mgt of new slice url and description
2013-12-05 Mohamed Larabi pl: set new person HRN after adding it to the site
2013-12-05 Mohamed Larabi plslices.verify_person: get the site and slice of a...
2013-11-26 Mohamed Larabi pl cleanup: remove myplc peering residues
2013-11-14 Git User Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/geni-v3' into...
2013-11-14 Thierry Parmentelat Merge branch 'geni-v3' into dbsession dbsession
2013-11-12 Mohamed Larabi fix dbsession retrieval in plslices
2013-11-10 Git User Merge remote-tracking branch 'local_master/geni-v3...
2013-11-08 Mohamed Larabi minor
2013-11-08 Mohamed Larabi fix identation error
2013-11-08 Thierry Parmentelat (hopefully last) glitches with dbsession
2013-11-07 Tony Mack fix for potential ValueError
2013-11-07 Tony Mack Merge branch 'geni-v3' of ssh://
2013-11-07 Tony Mack fix for potential ValueError
2013-11-07 Thierry Parmentelat first stab at a design where each incoming API call...
2013-11-07 Mohamed Larabi PL Driver: 1st shot rebase of PL operations around...
2013-10-07 Mohamed Larabi Better mgt of external slices/users/sites + fixes
2013-10-04 Mohamed Larabi various fixes
2013-10-04 Mohamed Larabi PL driver: Fix verification of site, person and slice...
2013-06-13 Tony Mack fix PLCInvalidArgument
2013-05-06 Mohamed Larabi Fix leases allocation in pl
2013-04-03 Mohamed Larabi several fixes
2013-03-25 Mohamed Larabi Merge Master in geni-v3 conflict resolution sfa-3.0-0
2013-01-26 Thierry Parmentelat first step to merge senslab upstream:
2013-01-11 Tony Mack Allocate updates the slice's expiration to the credenti...
2013-01-10 Tony Mack store slice_urn in sliver_allocation table
2012-12-13 Tony Mack store component_id in sliver_allocation table
2012-12-12 Tony Mack remove debugging statement
2012-12-11 Tony Mack Store client_id in sliver_allocation table
2012-11-30 Tony Mack verify_slice_nodes now returns the correct set of nodes
2012-10-24 Tony Mack verify_slice_links() should exit if links are not suppo...
2012-10-24 Tony Mack fix value error
2012-10-24 Tony Mack fix bugs
2012-10-23 Tony Mack fix AttributeError
2012-10-08 Sandrine Avakian Merge branch 'master' into senslab2
2012-10-01 Mohamed Larabi PL leases: take in account only the leases in the aggre...
2012-09-26 Mohamed Larabi Update PlanetLab reservation oriented Rspecs: the lease...
2012-09-21 Tony Mack cleanup
2012-07-05 Sandrine Avakian Merge branch 'master' into senslab2
2012-06-22 Mohamed Larabi Expessing leases timeslot in start_time and duration...
2012-06-21 Sandrine Avakian Merge branch 'master' into senslab2
2012-06-04 Mohamed Larabi Reservation-oriented Rspec with planetlab
2012-05-31 Tony Mack convert urns and email addresses to lower case
2012-05-29 Sandrine Avakian Merge branch 'master' into senslab2
2012-05-12 Thierry Parmentelat moved sfa/util/plxrn as sfa/planetlab/plxrn
2012-05-12 Thierry Parmentelat renamed sfa/plc into sfa/planetlab