removed the 'append' option to Allocate in the PL driver;
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2015-06-03 Thierry Parmentelat removed the 'append' option to Allocate in the PL driver;
2015-06-03 Thierry Parmentelat add a docstring note about Allocate and the append...
2014-08-20 Thierry Parmentelat allow allocate to receive an empty rspec, which is...
2014-06-03 Thierry Parmentelat debug msgs
2014-05-28 Thierry Parmentelat remove duplicate log line
2014-05-28 Thierry Parmentelat review and clean up the speaks_for mess
2014-05-27 Thierry Parmentelat cosmetic, create a single Credential instance named...
2014-05-27 Thierry Parmentelat Credential.actual_caller_hrn tries to find out who...
2014-05-22 Tony Mack pass options to auth.check
2014-01-31 Mohamed Larabi missing import in
2014-01-22 Tony Mack adding support for geni_speaking_for option
2013-01-11 Tony Mack Allocate updates the slice's expiration to the credenti...
2012-10-23 Tony Mack fix NameError
2012-10-20 Tony Mack Generalize credentials argument
2012-10-20 Tony Mack fix Allocate
2012-09-02 Thierry Parmentelat fix syntax error
2012-08-23 Tony Mack initial checkin