2012-07-24 smbaker updated spec file for recent stuff added to gacks
2012-07-24 smbaker where clause generator for gacksdb, filtering for get_i...
2012-07-24 smbaker mail_invoices API function and client
2012-07-24 smbaker add get_accounts function
2012-07-24 smbaker display invoice summary screen
2012-07-24 smbaker API argument to allow getting invoice summary along...
2012-07-24 smbaker remove obsolete code
2012-07-24 smbaker move get_summary into the invoice class
2012-07-23 smbaker support for username/password authentication mechanism
2012-07-23 smbaker use gacksdb for account_secret, fix problem with sendin...
2012-07-23 smbaker use gacksconfig for mysql variables
2012-07-23 smbaker move gacksdb-related variables to config file; add...
2012-07-23 smbaker fix wrong variable name
2012-07-22 smbaker reorganize db funcs
2012-07-22 smbaker use GackDB database routines
2012-07-22 smbaker auto-reconnect on MYSQL connection error
2012-07-20 smbaker acccount_token support
2012-07-19 smbaker display account balance in dollars on summary screen
2012-07-19 smbaker fix bad account_name to get_invoices in account screen
2012-07-19 smbaker account_token, formatting of email
2012-07-19 smbaker record cpu_cores when submitting charges for reservations
2012-07-19 smbaker show kind in dumpinvoice
2012-07-13 smbaker use gacksDB as base for gacksinvoice, add unique invoic...
2012-07-13 smbaker gackscollector store core_hours in charge database
2012-07-13 smbaker reset table version when table is destroyed
2012-07-13 smbaker report core_hours in dumpInvoice
2012-07-10 smbaker fix charges/credits in invoice email
2012-07-10 smbaker description for cycle_aggregate, child invoice tables...
2012-07-07 smbaker fix date filtering in admin interface
2012-07-07 smbaker generate and mail invoices (not enabled yet)
2012-07-07 smbaker fix bug with filtering invoices by name
2012-07-07 smbaker let admin interface edit billing contacts
2012-07-07 smbaker add billingContacts to updateable fields
2012-07-06 smbaker fix typo
2012-07-06 smbaker make sure resv charge gets added to the list when there...
2012-07-06 smbaker add billingcontacts field
2012-07-06 smbaker add billingContacts screen
2012-07-06 smbaker fix bugs in gacksdb and test case
2012-07-06 smbaker abstracted gacks database code out into gacksdb
2012-07-02 smbaker add stats showing cluster totals
2012-07-02 smbaker sort hostnames by reverse dns order
2012-06-30 smbaker track node status for gacksadmin page
2012-06-30 smbaker add module for tracking node status
2012-06-30 smbaker add node status screen
2012-06-29 smbaker solve the double-billing problem between best effort...
2012-06-23 smbaker round degfragment time down to nearest hour, to prevent...
2012-06-23 smbaker fix charges applied individually when multiple cores...
2012-06-22 smbaker logging instead of prints; fix bug where reservations...
2012-06-22 smbaker allow provider=null to be passed to get_resource_names
2012-06-22 smbaker report whether reservations are being consumed
2012-06-22 smbaker use logger instead of print; fix wrong attribute value...
2012-06-22 smbaker enabled the plc handler for cpu_cores; name the logger
2012-06-22 smbaker fix wrong time zone when DST in effect
2012-06-22 smbaker show decimal point in charges
2012-06-20 smbaker raised the default threshold to 0.05% of the default...
2012-06-16 smbaker prune charges nightly for besteffort
2012-06-14 smbaker change how duplicate charges are handled; fix blank...
2012-06-14 smbaker changes to silver policy
2012-06-14 smbaker build rpm for gackswatcher; add mutex to gackswatcher...
2012-06-08 smbaker aggregate besteffort charges to prevent overwhelming db
2012-06-08 smbaker apply besteffort constant
2012-06-08 smbaker fix reservation cost off by 100
2012-06-08 smbaker add section for cycle charges (besteffort/gackswatcher)
2012-06-08 smbaker allow filtering of invoices by pending state
2012-06-08 smbaker fix get_invoice on {} filter
2012-06-08 smbaker accounts and invoices use plc slice name instead of hrn
2012-06-05 smbaker all invoices screen, charge detail, get_invoices by...
2012-06-05 smbaker support filtering by dict in get_invoice
2012-06-05 smbaker lookup names when generating invoices
2012-06-05 smbaker Merge branch 'master' of ssh://bakers@git.planet-lab...
2012-06-03 Tony Mack use isinstance() instead of type()
2012-06-03 Tony Mack Create charges that don't exist
2012-06-02 Tony Mack change location where processed charges logs are generated
2012-06-02 Tony Mack added is_existing_charge()
2012-06-02 Tony Mack only log a processed file's basename
2012-06-02 Tony Mack keep track of processed files
2012-06-02 smbaker add makefile target to install rpm on vicci
2012-06-01 Tony Mack only collect logs from nodes in boot state. disable...
2012-06-01 Tony Mack increase default collect interval
2012-06-01 smbaker invoice screens
2012-06-01 smbaker store account_id in charge; a richer get_invoice functi...
2012-05-31 smbaker add screens showing user reservations
2012-05-31 smbaker rename reservations to reservation_set, add support...
2012-05-31 Tony Mack enable log collection
2012-05-31 Tony Mack fix call to GetNodes()
2012-05-31 Tony Mack fix option names
2012-05-31 Tony Mack renaming
2012-05-31 Tony Mack rename archive_directory to incoming_directory
2012-05-31 Tony Mack rename collect_frequency to collect_interval
2012-05-31 Tony Mack initial checkin
2012-05-31 Tony Mack initial checkin
2012-05-29 Tony Mack use plcsh to get list of hosts
2012-05-29 Tony Mack initial checkin
2012-05-29 Tony Mack added writeTS()
2012-05-28 Tony Mack initial l checkin
2012-05-26 smbaker ability to add charges from gacks admin page
2012-05-26 smbaker add ability to apply charges immediately; fix timestamp...
2012-05-26 smbaker update operation for accounts
2012-05-26 smbaker show state in dumpInvoice
2012-05-26 smbaker CRUD operations for accounts; add-charge operation