2013-01-15 smbaker update gacks RPM for new methods
2013-01-15 smbaker fix bugs
2013-01-15 smbaker PlanetLab API functions for slice autoconfig
2013-01-02 smbaker include node-id in neighbor list
2013-01-02 smbaker fixed the ip addresses to avoid broadcast
2013-01-02 smbaker gre network builder wip
2013-01-02 smbaker bridgeconfig wip
2012-12-19 smbaker message when there are no slivers in a slice
2012-12-19 smbaker report idle state in status file, remove obsolete date...
2012-12-18 smbaker status for idle nodes, rename good->active, bad->stale
2012-12-18 smbaker reset cgrouptotals without destroying working set
2012-12-18 smbaker report utime and stime in summary file
2012-12-18 smbaker fix typo in variable name
2012-12-18 smbaker fix fault if lastContact was None
2012-12-18 smbaker check in changes not previously checked in
2012-12-18 smbaker remove obsolete commands, remove etime, dump results...
2012-12-17 smbaker gackswatcher wip rewrite to use cpuacct
2012-12-05 smbaker copy over dave's hadoop script
2012-11-27 smbaker fix bug with hardcoded tag name
2012-11-27 smbaker user_syndicate page, use tag and add action to set it
2012-11-27 smbaker warning if slice does not allow reservations
2012-11-27 smbaker newline before reservation warning
2012-11-27 smbaker rename reservations page
2012-11-26 smbaker rename 'all' to 'any'; remove obsolete code
2012-11-26 smbaker syndicate checkbox page, wip
2012-11-26 smbaker rename cluster to site
2012-11-22 smbaker eliminate unused code
2012-11-22 smbaker early warning on reservation page if user lacks reserva...
2012-11-22 smbaker return a list of reservable resources with an account...
2012-11-22 smbaker pass authtoken to Gacks Shell
2012-11-22 smbaker support in Gacks Shell for functions that take an authtoken
2012-11-20 smbaker turn off notes, search, and pagination for site table
2012-11-20 smbaker add site summary table
2012-11-20 smbaker align the account combo correctly
2012-11-20 smbaker shrinkdiv functions; try to make the account combo...
2012-11-20 smbaker remove submit button from get_account_name; first accou...
2012-11-20 smbaker show about page on summary page when not logged in
2012-11-20 smbaker Some text to the top of user_summary and a link to...
2012-11-20 smbaker add some text to the bottom of the summary page
2012-11-20 smbaker hrefs in account summary screen
2012-11-20 smbaker bubble text for headers in summary table
2012-11-20 smbaker rename nodes to slivers
2012-11-16 smbaker fix column name; fix head node spacing
2012-11-16 smbaker fix titles
2012-11-16 smbaker added user_image screen, removed image stuff from node...
2012-11-16 smbaker get export to CSV working, modify nodelist to use a...
2012-11-15 smbaker archive charge files