2012-09-12 smbaker add gackscollector initscript to rpm
2012-09-12 smbaker init script for gacks collector
2012-09-12 smbaker use hashlib instead of sha to eliminate deprecation...
2012-09-12 smbaker eliminate debugging code
2012-09-12 smbaker daemonize
2012-09-12 smbaker autostart service for gackslogserver
2012-09-12 smbaker update gacks RPM package
2012-09-12 smbaker file logging for API
2012-09-12 smbaker fix permissions
2012-09-12 smbaker clean up logging, always set tags for HPC
2012-09-12 smbaker fix bug in script
2012-09-12 root initscript for logging daemon
2012-09-12 smbaker gacks logfile support
2012-09-11 smbaker gackswatcher packaging for lxc
2012-09-11 smbaker strip prefix from lxc cgroup names, look in other place...
2012-09-11 smbaker fix 4-part hrns not converting to slicenames, additiona...
2012-09-11 smbaker fix fault when account with nonexisting slice tries...
2012-09-11 smbaker fix fault when record doesn't have a serviceStartDate
2012-09-08 smbaker return a proper exception when gacksnodepicker has...
2012-09-08 smbaker omit bad nodes from set
2012-09-06 smbaker delete reservation page
2012-09-06 smbaker fix timezone when adding resrvation; auto-refresh to...
2012-09-06 smbaker automatically determine user timezone
2012-09-06 smbaker add reservation screen and action, wip
2012-09-05 smbaker add gackstable and user_add_reservation to makefile
2012-09-05 smbaker add reservation wip, as far as displaying the node...
2012-09-05 smbaker table that supports an invisible custom filter field
2012-09-02 smbaker display error when account can't be fetched; tolerate...
2012-09-02 smbaker Add vicci module for simplified user portal
2012-08-30 smbaker wip, add reservation page
2012-08-30 smbaker add link to create account, fix windows linefeeds
2012-08-30 smbaker add auto_refresh_combo, account_combo, date_combo,...
2012-08-30 smbaker add plc footer
2012-08-28 smbaker confirmation when changing service levels
2012-08-28 smbaker confirmation when changing service levels, catch except...
2012-08-28 smbaker user_confirm_service in makefile
2012-08-28 smbaker get_upgrades function to return which services can...
2012-08-28 smbaker fix integer conversion for boolean fields
2012-08-28 smbaker return policy info in get_account, restricted mode...
2012-08-28 smbaker display anniversary and term, confirm service changes...
2012-08-28 smbaker term and monthlyFee fields in policies
2012-08-24 smbaker fix typos in API.py
2012-08-24 smbaker verify authorization of user updating account
2012-08-24 smbaker API support for users modifying accounts, add new field...
2012-08-24 smbaker add upgradeFrom field to policy definitions
2012-08-23 smbaker add serviceStartDate and autoRenew fields to accounts
2012-08-23 smbaker fix bug with blank image being set, guard debugging...
2012-08-23 smbaker eliminate submit button on the account dropdown; add...
2012-08-23 smbaker daves changes: keep master node at top of list
2012-08-23 smbaker daves changes: getMasterNode
2012-08-23 smbaker pass options to node picker
2012-08-23 smbaker updateSliceTags if they already exist, set slice images...
2012-08-23 smbaker tweak name of submit button in account selector
2012-08-23 smbaker fix display when no account selected
2012-08-22 smbaker fix account selector not showing drupal header and...
2012-08-22 smbaker start work on service level page
2012-08-21 smbaker remove addSet and delSet from pick result
2012-08-21 smbaker fix bug
2012-08-21 smbaker include user_reservations screen in makefile
2012-08-21 smbaker pick returns a dict instead of a list, display head...
2012-08-21 smbaker apps/gacksadmin/gacks.module, check in user reservation...
2012-08-21 smbaker store gacks account in session, get_account function...
2012-08-21 smbaker add wizard.php to makefile
2012-08-13 smbaker add a combobox to select slice name on wizard page
2012-08-09 smbaker node wizard
2012-08-09 smbaker return a dict of resources in as_dict
2012-08-09 smbaker allow password auth to have target hrn
2012-08-09 smbaker add shell feature to gacks command line interface
2012-08-09 smbaker add json format to resources module
2012-08-09 smbaker add json and dict options to get_resources
2012-08-08 smbaker add warning if Vicci Wizard used with no slice selected
2012-08-08 smbaker avoid fault if Gacks screen loaded before PLC slice...
2012-08-08 smbaker check buttons==none
2012-08-08 smbaker fix error message
2012-08-08 smbaker support freeazable attr in gacksbackend and gackshandle...
2012-08-08 smbaker test case for freezeable bit, force booleans in db...
2012-08-08 smbaker identity edit can be a label, handle faults in set_iden...
2012-07-31 smbaker check in dave's changes
2012-07-31 smbaker add 'enable besteffort' to account screen
2012-07-31 smbaker add freezeUnreserved bit
2012-07-26 smbaker add date picker to weekly screen
2012-07-25 smbaker remove obsolete comment
2012-07-25 smbaker weekly invoice screen
2012-07-25 smbaker link for weekly invoices
2012-07-25 smbaker add weekly screen to gacks.module
2012-07-25 smbaker group by feature in get_invoices_prime
2012-07-25 smbaker __repr__ function for accounts
2012-07-24 smbaker terminology change; fix account_name viewing while...
2012-07-24 smbaker updated spec file for recent stuff added to gacks
2012-07-24 smbaker where clause generator for gacksdb, filtering for get_i...
2012-07-24 smbaker mail_invoices API function and client
2012-07-24 smbaker add get_accounts function
2012-07-24 smbaker display invoice summary screen
2012-07-24 smbaker API argument to allow getting invoice summary along...
2012-07-24 smbaker remove obsolete code
2012-07-24 smbaker move get_summary into the invoice class
2012-07-23 smbaker support for username/password authentication mechanism
2012-07-23 smbaker use gacksdb for account_secret, fix problem with sendin...
2012-07-23 smbaker use gacksconfig for mysql variables
2012-07-23 smbaker move gacksdb-related variables to config file; add...