2012-11-06 smbaker update constants as per email discussion
2012-11-06 smbaker split service level screen into parts, use buttons...
2012-11-06 smbaker fix the problems with freezeUnreserved
2012-11-06 smbaker fix check_buckets failing if there were no reservations
2012-11-05 smbaker fix wrong field name for best effort toggle (unconfirmed)
2012-11-03 smbaker update makefile to include new files
2012-11-03 smbaker change title of summary page; remove windows linefeeds
2012-11-03 smbaker summary page WIP
2012-11-02 smbaker display username in vicci module; replace synced messag...
2012-11-02 smbaker disable create and add user page for sso-logins, displa...
2012-11-01 smbaker display login screen for sso
2012-11-01 smbaker added a missing toggle_end
2012-11-01 smbaker show the final row of bucket analysis
2012-11-01 smbaker show bucket times in human readable format
2012-11-01 smbaker ability to return bucket info in get_account, bucket...
2012-11-01 smbaker initial bucket defaults to bucket maximum
2012-11-01 smbaker fix bug in bucket checker; fix enforcer test case
2012-10-26 smbaker do-not-reply disclaimer
2012-10-24 smbaker additional language about slivers
2012-10-23 smbaker invoice to the last second of the previous day
2012-10-23 smbaker add functions for computing end_of_day
2012-10-20 smbaker run mailinvoices every monday at 3am
2012-10-18 smbaker move invoice mailing to gacksbilling.py, lookup contact...
2012-10-18 smbaker add getPersons function to plc handler
2012-10-18 smbaker moved invoice mailing code out of gacksinvoice.py
2012-10-17 smbaker allow user to edit billing contacts
2012-10-17 smbaker 5 minutes of retries to find cgroup dir, fix stop actio...
2012-10-16 smbaker accounting for reservations now done by gackscollector
2012-10-16 smbaker use id as second sort key
2012-10-16 smbaker logger for gacksinvoice, , fix duplicate invoice crash...
2012-10-11 smbaker rephrase fee description
2012-10-11 smbaker yearly fee support
2012-10-11 smbaker upgrade to gold sends an email rather than upgrade...
2012-10-10 smbaker send policy dict as part of account->upgrades, switch...
2012-10-10 smbaker display membership fee and months during upgrade
2012-10-10 smbaker rename monthlyFee to membershipFee
2012-10-10 smbaker rename monthlyFee to membershipFee
2012-10-10 smbaker add monthlyFeeMonths, upgradeRequiresApproval
2012-10-09 smbaker timeout handling in rsh, tolerate changed host keys...
2012-10-05 smbaker remove debugging code
2012-10-04 smbaker fix links to gold and silver
2012-10-04 smbaker add advanced toggle
2012-10-04 smbaker eliminate debugging code
2012-10-04 smbaker support for advanced toggle
2012-10-02 smbaker remove obsolete code
2012-10-02 smbaker auto-renew or terminate services on their anniversary
2012-09-27 smbaker gacksresource is responsible for instantiating handlers...
2012-09-27 smbaker support for searching for lists in get_invoice_prime
2012-09-27 smbaker remove debugging print
2012-09-27 smbaker add logger to gacksbilling, add auto_renew to nightly
2012-09-25 smbaker added function for renewing slices
2012-09-25 smbaker add gacksbilling to package
2012-09-25 smbaker fix reservation display, display serviceStartDate
2012-09-25 smbaker fix bugs
2012-09-25 smbaker fix missing serviceStartDate when get_accounts used
2012-09-25 smbaker auto-billing for monthly service fees
2012-09-22 smbaker support for returning readable error messages to user
2012-09-19 smbaker add code to auto-create accounts, catch accounts with...
2012-09-19 smbaker fix account combo returning account names that do not...
2012-09-19 smbaker catch exceptions when setting up the chargeprocessor...
2012-09-19 smbaker default goodStanding bit to 1
2012-09-19 smbaker allow get_account method to automatically create accounts
2012-09-19 smbaker group invoices by date when applying
2012-09-19 smbaker tolerate unknown accounts in dumpinvoice, include charg...
2012-09-19 smbaker logging
2012-09-19 smbaker add gackstime to gackscentral rpm
2012-09-19 smbaker include all slices for which a user is a PI in the...
2012-09-19 smbaker add link to user_persons page
2012-09-18 smbaker remove user portion of gacks block
2012-09-16 smbaker exclude stale nodes, fix bug where bad nodes that were...
2012-09-14 smbaker logging in gacksnodepicker, remove nodes outside of...
2012-09-13 smbaker when aggregating, group by day so only one day's worth...
2012-09-13 smbaker fix bug
2012-09-12 smbaker use current date in weekly browser if date is unspecified
2012-09-12 smbaker switch to rotating file handlers, make gacksbackend...
2012-09-12 smbaker add gackscollector initscript to rpm
2012-09-12 smbaker init script for gacks collector
2012-09-12 smbaker use hashlib instead of sha to eliminate deprecation...
2012-09-12 smbaker eliminate debugging code
2012-09-12 smbaker daemonize
2012-09-12 smbaker autostart service for gackslogserver
2012-09-12 smbaker update gacks RPM package
2012-09-12 smbaker file logging for API
2012-09-12 smbaker fix permissions
2012-09-12 smbaker clean up logging, always set tags for HPC
2012-09-12 smbaker fix bug in script
2012-09-12 root initscript for logging daemon
2012-09-12 smbaker gacks logfile support
2012-09-11 smbaker gackswatcher packaging for lxc
2012-09-11 smbaker strip prefix from lxc cgroup names, look in other place...
2012-09-11 smbaker fix 4-part hrns not converting to slicenames, additiona...
2012-09-11 smbaker fix fault when account with nonexisting slice tries...
2012-09-11 smbaker fix fault when record doesn't have a serviceStartDate
2012-09-08 smbaker return a proper exception when gacksnodepicker has...
2012-09-08 smbaker omit bad nodes from set
2012-09-06 smbaker delete reservation page
2012-09-06 smbaker fix timezone when adding resrvation; auto-refresh to...
2012-09-06 smbaker automatically determine user timezone
2012-09-06 smbaker add reservation screen and action, wip
2012-09-05 smbaker add gackstable and user_add_reservation to makefile