add netconfig aspect to rpm
[raven.git] / rpm_builds / SPECS / gackscentral.spec.template
2013-05-27 smbaker add netconfig aspect to rpm master
2013-04-25 smbaker update gacks RPM to include plugin and entry_points
2013-01-15 smbaker update gacks RPM for new methods
2012-09-25 smbaker add gacksbilling to package
2012-09-19 smbaker add gackstime to gackscentral rpm
2012-09-12 smbaker add gackscollector initscript to rpm
2012-09-12 smbaker autostart service for gackslogserver
2012-09-12 smbaker update gacks RPM package
2012-07-24 smbaker updated spec file for recent stuff added to gacks
2012-06-08 smbaker accounts and invoices use plc slice name instead of hrn
2012-05-22 smbaker autostart gacksbackend
2012-05-21 smbaker scripts for applyinvoices
2012-05-21 smbaker check in missing update to spec file
2012-05-04 smbaker import repository from arizona