start work on nodelist page
[raven.git] / apps / gacksadmin / vicci.module
2012-11-09 smbaker start work on nodelist page
2012-11-03 smbaker summary page WIP
2012-11-02 smbaker display username in vicci module; replace synced messag...
2012-11-02 smbaker disable create and add user page for sso-logins, displa...
2012-11-01 smbaker display login screen for sso
2012-10-05 smbaker remove debugging code
2012-10-04 smbaker add advanced toggle
2012-10-04 smbaker support for advanced toggle
2012-09-19 smbaker add link to user_persons page
2012-09-02 smbaker Add vicci module for simplified user portal