start work on nodelist page
[raven.git] / apps / gacksadmin / gacks_functions.php
2012-11-09 smbaker start work on nodelist page
2012-11-06 smbaker fix the problems with freezeUnreserved
2012-11-03 smbaker change title of summary page; remove windows linefeeds
2012-11-03 smbaker summary page WIP
2012-11-01 smbaker ability to return bucket info in get_account, bucket...
2012-10-04 smbaker add advanced toggle
2012-09-19 smbaker fix account combo returning account names that do not...
2012-09-19 smbaker include all slices for which a user is a PI in the...
2012-09-19 smbaker add link to user_persons page
2012-09-06 smbaker delete reservation page
2012-09-06 smbaker automatically determine user timezone
2012-08-30 smbaker add auto_refresh_combo, account_combo, date_combo,...
2012-08-28 smbaker confirmation when changing service levels
2012-08-23 smbaker eliminate submit button on the account dropdown; add...
2012-08-23 smbaker tweak name of submit button in account selector
2012-08-22 smbaker fix account selector not showing drupal header and...
2012-08-21 smbaker store gacks account in session, get_account function...
2012-08-13 smbaker add a combobox to select slice name on wizard page
2012-08-09 smbaker node wizard
2012-07-26 smbaker add date picker to weekly screen
2012-07-25 smbaker link for weekly invoices
2012-07-24 smbaker display invoice summary screen
2012-07-23 smbaker support for username/password authentication mechanism
2012-07-20 smbaker acccount_token support
2012-07-10 smbaker description for cycle_aggregate, child invoice tables...
2012-06-30 smbaker add node status screen
2012-06-08 smbaker allow filtering of invoices by pending state
2012-06-08 smbaker accounts and invoices use plc slice name instead of hrn
2012-06-05 smbaker all invoices screen, charge detail, get_invoices by...
2012-06-01 smbaker invoice screens
2012-05-31 smbaker add screens showing user reservations
2012-05-31 smbaker rename reservations to reservation_set, add support...
2012-05-26 smbaker ability to add charges from gacks admin page
2012-05-25 smbaker Makefile for RPM, account management working
2012-05-25 smbaker started work on gacks admin page