start work on nodelist page
[raven.git] / apps / gacksadmin / Makefile
2012-11-09 smbaker start work on nodelist page
2012-11-03 smbaker update makefile to include new files
2012-09-05 smbaker add gackstable and user_add_reservation to makefile
2012-09-02 smbaker Add vicci module for simplified user portal
2012-08-28 smbaker user_confirm_service in makefile
2012-08-23 smbaker eliminate submit button on the account dropdown; add...
2012-08-22 smbaker start work on service level page
2012-08-21 smbaker include user_reservations screen in makefile
2012-08-21 smbaker add wizard.php to makefile
2012-07-26 smbaker add date picker to weekly screen
2012-06-30 smbaker add node status screen
2012-06-02 smbaker add makefile target to install rpm on vicci
2012-05-25 smbaker Makefile for RPM, account management working