move invoice mailing to, lookup contact names when no billing contact...
[raven.git] / apps / gacks /
2012-10-18 smbaker move invoice mailing to, lookup contact...
2012-10-17 smbaker allow user to edit billing contacts
2012-10-16 smbaker logger for gacksinvoice, , fix duplicate invoice crash...
2012-10-10 smbaker send policy dict as part of account->upgrades, switch...
2012-09-27 smbaker add logger to gacksbilling, add auto_renew to nightly
2012-09-25 smbaker fix bugs
2012-09-25 smbaker auto-billing for monthly service fees
2012-09-19 smbaker allow get_account method to automatically create accounts
2012-09-19 smbaker logging
2012-09-12 smbaker file logging for API
2012-08-28 smbaker return policy info in get_account, restricted mode...
2012-08-24 smbaker fix typos in
2012-08-24 smbaker verify authorization of user updating account
2012-08-24 smbaker API support for users modifying accounts, add new field...
2012-08-23 smbaker pass options to node picker
2012-08-21 smbaker remove addSet and delSet from pick result
2012-08-21 smbaker pick returns a dict instead of a list, display head...
2012-08-09 smbaker add json and dict options to get_resources
2012-07-24 smbaker mail_invoices API function and client
2012-07-24 smbaker API argument to allow getting invoice summary along...
2012-07-07 smbaker fix bug with filtering invoices by name
2012-06-30 smbaker track node status for gacksadmin page
2012-06-23 smbaker round degfragment time down to nearest hour, to prevent...
2012-06-16 smbaker prune charges nightly for besteffort
2012-06-08 smbaker fix get_invoice on {} filter
2012-06-08 smbaker accounts and invoices use plc slice name instead of hrn
2012-06-05 smbaker support filtering by dict in get_invoice
2012-06-01 smbaker invoice screens
2012-05-26 smbaker CRUD operations for accounts; add-charge operation
2012-05-25 smbaker add list_accounts API method
2012-05-25 smbaker add admin_get_reservations; fixup acls
2012-05-22 smbaker display pending charges in sface; add object_desc field...
2012-05-21 smbaker add apply_invoices api call; fix bug in apply_invoices
2012-05-15 Tony Mack added 'parent_id' paam to get_invoice()
2012-05-11 Tony Mack added date_filter arg to get_invoice()
2012-05-10 Tony Mack return invoice.as_dict
2012-05-09 Tony Mack add target_hrn arg to authenticateToken()
2012-05-08 Tony Mack register get_invoice() method
2012-05-04 smbaker import repository from arizona