2014-07-04 Thomas Dreibholz Needs to provide KVER variable to "make".
2014-04-28 Thierry Parmentelat Setting tag procprotect-0.4-4 procprotect-0.4-4
2014-03-26 Thomas Dreibholz Depmod needs kernel version.
2014-03-25 Thomas Dreibholz Modified specfile similar to ipfwroot: if building...
2014-03-21 Thierry Parmentelat Setting tag procprotect-0.4-3 procprotect-0.4-3
2013-11-13 Sapan Bhatia Fix build
2013-11-08 Sapan Bhatia Guarded against some hypothetically possible errors
2013-08-28 Sapan Bhatia Setting tag procprotect-0.4-2 procprotect-0.4-2
2013-08-26 Thierry Parmentelat use install -D
2013-08-23 Sapan Bhatia Extra checks
2013-08-19 Sapan Bhatia Updated rpm spec file for new packaging
2013-08-19 Sapan Bhatia Fixed a typo
2013-08-19 Sapan Bhatia Packaging up recent changes to work around kernel bug
2013-08-19 Sapan Bhatia Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-08-19 Sapan Bhatia Attempt at working around a kernel bug
2013-08-19 Thierry Parmentelat Setting tag procprotect-0.4-1 procprotect-0.4-1
2013-08-19 Thierry Parmentelat bump version number to materialize new branch
2013-08-19 Sapan Bhatia Remove possibility of being traced in a trace handler
2013-08-19 Sapan Bhatia Reduce size of ACL has
2013-08-18 Sapan Bhatia Add procprotect as a systemctl service
2013-08-16 Sapan Bhatia Make it possible to build and install out of the Makefile
2013-08-16 Sapan Bhatia Patch from Thomas Dreibholtz for compatibility with...
2013-05-21 Sapan Bhatia Setting tag procprotect-0.3-4 procprotect-0.3-4 procprotect-0.4-0
2013-05-21 Sapan Bhatia Add essential check in case userspace fails to add it
2013-05-21 Sapan Bhatia The internals of the module only support interfaces...
2013-05-21 Sapan Bhatia Rewired registers via which arguments are collected...
2013-05-18 Thierry Parmentelat an attempt at dealing with hlist_for_each_entry_rcu...
2013-04-24 Sapan Bhatia Setting tag procprotect-0.3-3 procprotect-0.3-3
2013-04-24 Sapan Bhatia Setting tag procprotect-0.3-2 procprotect-0.3-2
2013-04-22 Sapan Bhatia Cleaned up code, consolidated checks, and marked the...
2013-04-19 Sapan Bhatia Tests for tonights nightly builds
2013-04-09 Sapan Bhatia Possible race condition and consequent crash
2013-04-09 Sapan Bhatia Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-04-09 Sapan Bhatia Fixed makefile
2013-04-09 Thierry Parmentelat swap printk and declaration for compile error starting...
2013-04-09 Thierry Parmentelat Setting tag procprotect-0.3-1
2013-04-09 Thierry Parmentelat rewind minor number
2013-03-05 Sapan Bhatia Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-03-05 Sapan Bhatia Add missing include
2013-03-05 Sapan Bhatia Make backwards compatible with 3.6
2013-03-05 Sapan Bhatia Port to kernel 3.8
2013-03-04 Thierry Parmentelat swap printk and declaration for compile error starting...
2013-02-21 Thierry Parmentelat Setting tag procprotect-0.3-1 procprotect-0.3-1
2013-02-21 Thierry Parmentelat rewind minor number
2012-12-12 Sapan Bhatia Fixed makefile
2012-12-12 Sapan Bhatia Fixed all bugs in procprotect induced by updated to...
2012-12-12 Sapan Bhatia Hoist hook for do_last
2012-12-12 Sapan Bhatia Enable probe for lookup_slow
2012-12-12 Sapan Bhatia fast_and_slow
2012-12-10 Sapan Bhatia Port to latest version of 3.6 series
2012-11-26 Thierry Parmentelat Setting tag procprotect-0.1-3 procprotect-0.1-3 procprotect-0.3-0
2012-09-17 Sapan Bhatia Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2012-09-17 Sapan Bhatia Fixed bad security loophole in write path
2012-07-09 Thierry Parmentelat Setting tag procprotect-0.1-2 procprotect-0.1-2
2012-06-26 Sapan Bhatia This step is needed for the module to be loaded automat...
2012-06-21 Sapan Bhatia Configuration file for loading procprotect module
2012-06-15 Thierry Parmentelat tweak packaging for the lxc build procprotect-0.1-1
2012-06-05 Sapan Bhatia Added specfile
2012-04-24 Sapan Bhatia ADded a readme
2012-04-24 Sapan Bhatia Procprotect kernel module for protecting /proc in LXC...
2012-04-24 Git User initialize…