last changeThu, 29 Jan 2015 18:55:53 +0000
2015-01-29 Scott Baker remove Dashboard Views from user admin master
2015-01-29 Scott Baker ask the PI to click save
2015-01-29 Scott Baker return an error when trying to register a deleted user
2015-01-29 Scott Baker fix tenant view temporary password email, display messa...
2015-01-28 Tony Mack disable setting fields to readonly based on user's...
2015-01-28 Tony Mack only admins and pis can change/modify a user's site
2015-01-28 Tony Mack set is_admin default to False
2015-01-28 Tony Mack dont list is_admin field twice in UserAdmin
2015-01-28 Scott Baker make sure users created through tenant view are not...
2015-01-27 Scott Baker red and green observer status icons
2015-01-27 Scott Baker Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2015-01-27 Scott Baker make nagios default to (select a controller)
2015-01-27 Sapan Bhatia Various bugfies to the main Observer loop
2015-01-27 Sapan Bhatia Bugfix
2015-01-27 Sapan Bhatia Set backend status when saving backend version of object
2015-01-27 Sapan Bhatia Change dependencies to primitive objects
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