2013-09-02 Sapan Bhatia Load and save run times syncsteps
2013-09-02 Sapan Bhatia Schedules for various steps
2013-09-02 Sapan Bhatia Class and object dependencies, schedules
2013-08-27 Sapan Bhatia Sync refactored into abstract steps
2013-08-26 Sapan Bhatia The Observer observes PlanetStack not OpenStack
2013-08-26 Sapan Bhatia Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-08-26 Scott Baker use root tenant when deleting instance if sliver tenant...
2013-08-25 Scott Baker check in network regression tests
2013-08-23 Scott Baker give sliver a unicode name before it is instantiated
2013-08-21 Sapan Bhatia Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-08-20 Scott Baker script for cleaning up openstack database
2013-08-20 Scott Baker hide network columns for networks with no sliver ip...
2013-08-20 Scott Baker include sync_network_slivers in observer loop
2013-08-20 Scott Baker create NetworkSliver objects when networks are attached...
2013-08-15 Scott Baker exclude enacted from admin on slicenetworkinline
2013-08-14 Scott Baker allow sharing private network between slices, eliminate...
2013-08-14 Scott Baker I forgot to actually change the sleep value
2013-08-14 Scott Baker let waiting for the event consume some of the 5 minute...
2013-08-14 Scott Baker fix name of parameter passed to create sliver
2013-08-09 Scott Baker implement sync_networks; add lots of exception checking
2013-08-09 Scott Baker shared network template support
2013-08-09 Scott Baker shared network template support
2013-08-08 Scott Baker add translation field to network template
2013-08-08 Scott Baker save_network, delete_network, and refresh_networks...
2013-08-06 Scott Baker add NetworkSlice to model imports
2013-08-06 Scott Baker NetworkSlicesInline, to work with the NetworkSlices...
2013-08-06 Scott Baker fields for observer/driver, permission checks on attach...
2013-08-06 smbaker comment out due to circular dependency
2013-08-05 Tony Mack renaming
2013-08-05 Tony Mack fix import error
2013-07-29 Scott Baker import network model admins from plstackapi-network... stable 1.0
2013-07-29 Scott Baker allow NetworkSliver.ip to be null, fix NO_OBSERVER...
2013-07-29 Scott Baker import network data model from plstackapi-network branch
2013-07-09 Tony Mack fix bug in delete tenant
2013-07-09 Tony Mack skip invalid routers
2013-07-07 Siobhan Tully Added in additional support for core objects (ServiceCl...
2013-07-05 Siobhan Tully Merge branch 'master' of
2013-07-05 Siobhan Tully Removed random w in file
2013-07-03 Sapan Bhatia Small fixes in the event layer for the observer
2013-07-03 Tony Mack fix imports
2013-07-02 Siobhan Tully Merge branch 'master' of
2013-07-02 Siobhan Tully Re-implemented REST API and urls.
2013-07-02 Sapan Bhatia Integration with Feefie/Fofum for waking up the observe...
2013-07-02 Tony Mack fix bug
2013-07-01 smbaker exclude enacted field from serviceClass/serviceResource
2013-07-01 Tony Mack fix bugs
2013-06-30 Tony Mack sync external routes
2013-06-28 Sapan Bhatia Fixed a typo
2013-06-27 smbaker make reservations visible and hide the enacted fields
2013-06-26 smbaker make serviceclass visible at top level
2013-06-26 Tony Mack delete_tenant() deletes all instances associated with...
2013-06-25 Sapan Bhatia Changed event listener to use fofum library
2013-06-24 Tony Mack fit threading bug
2013-06-24 Tony Mack fix bug in sync_sliver
2013-06-24 Tony Mack cleanup
2013-06-24 Tony Mack cleanup
2013-06-24 Tony Mack fix bug
2013-06-21 Siobhan Tully Added in geoposition for Sites, including google map...
2013-06-21 Siobhan Tully Added in Project support to be used in concert with...
2013-06-21 Siobhan Tully Added support for Generic Tags. Tags can be applied...
2013-06-21 Siobhan Tully Initial data should note have core.user installed ...
2013-06-20 Tony Mack fix bug in sync_tenants
2013-06-16 Tony Mack initial checkin of event listener. refactor/cleanup
2013-06-15 Tony Mack initial checkin
2013-06-14 Tony Mack use hashlib instead of md5 library
2013-06-12 Tony Mack several bug fixes
2013-06-11 Tony Mack remove debugging
2013-06-11 Tony Mack do not update the 'updated' timestamp when updating...
2013-06-11 Tony Mack fix user key sync
2013-06-11 Tony Mack sync roles
2013-06-11 Tony Mack observer for sites, slices and users
2013-06-10 Tony Mack switch public key from char field to text field
2013-06-10 Tony Mack dont delete records yet
2013-06-10 Tony Mack fix NameError
2013-06-10 Tony Mack removing refrences to keys model
2013-06-10 Tony Mack initial checkin of observer
2013-06-10 Tony Mack removing key model
2013-06-10 Tony Mack key is now just an attribute of the user model. Added...
2013-05-28 Tony Mack fix bugs
2013-05-28 Tony Mack update filtering for non admins
2013-05-28 Siobhan Tully Changed DeploymentNetwork to Deployment, adjusted initi...
2013-05-28 Siobhan Tully Changed DeploymentNetwork to Deployment, adjusted initi...
2013-05-22 Scott Baker add slice tags
2013-05-19 Scott Baker reservation agent WIP check-in
2013-05-19 Scott Baker show endtime in reservation unicode
2013-05-19 Scott Baker use timezone setting in reservation pages
2013-05-19 Scott Baker add endTime property, automatically calculated from...
2013-05-19 Scott Baker add timezone field to user
2013-05-17 Scott Baker reservation model: validate slice when form is refreshed
2013-05-17 Scott Baker add admin page for reservations, remove serviceResource...
2013-05-17 Scott Baker check in reservation models
2013-05-17 Scott Baker CSS for reservation admin form
2013-05-14 Scott Baker change serviceClass from CharField to ForeignKey
2013-05-14 Scott Baker Method for getting the default service class
2013-05-13 Scott Baker correct plural spelling of service classes
2013-05-13 Scott Baker move ServiceClass and ServiceResource before Slice
2013-05-13 Scott Baker move serviceclass fixture to the right place
2013-05-11 Tony Mack fix bug
2013-05-11 Tony Mack we can no longer access the user from the key object...
2013-05-11 Tony Mack fix openstack integration