2014-11-05 Sapan Bhatia Support walking both inverse and forward dependency... ansible
2014-11-05 Sapan Bhatia Cascading deletions for dependent objects
2014-11-05 Sapan Bhatia Dirty objects that depend on dirtied objects up to...
2014-11-05 Sapan Bhatia Dependency walker to support dependency-oriented model...
2014-11-05 Sapan Bhatia Linked Image to related objects
2014-11-05 Sapan Bhatia Linked flavor to related objects
2014-11-05 Sapan Bhatia Link credentials to related objects -- usercredentials...
2014-11-05 Sapan Bhatia Link slicedeployments to slice
2014-10-22 Sapan Bhatia Added a missing field to the list of parameters
2014-10-22 Sapan Bhatia Fixed a typo
2014-10-22 Sapan Bhatia Bug fix in specifying networks for sync_slivers
2014-10-22 Sapan Bhatia Ansible wrapper
2014-10-22 Sapan Bhatia Dropped pdb line
2014-10-22 Sapan Bhatia Avoid self waits in Observer core
2014-10-22 Sapan Bhatia Fixed library compatibility problems and auth errors
2014-10-22 Sapan Bhatia Bug fixes to sync_slivers step
2014-10-22 Sapan Bhatia Bug fixes to ansible sliver recipe
2014-10-22 Sapan Bhatia Filter out slivers not associated with a deployment
2014-10-22 Sapan Bhatia Updated authentication
2014-10-22 Sapan Bhatia Trivial change
2014-10-22 Sapan Bhatia Updates to slice deployments step
2014-10-22 Sapan Bhatia Worked around an authentication problem
2014-10-22 Sapan Bhatia Cleaned up options
2014-10-22 Sapan Bhatia Added content to slivers ansible recipe.
2014-10-22 Sapan Bhatia Handle two error messages, when a user is orphaned
2014-10-21 Sapan Bhatia Updates to auth in sync_network_deployments
2014-10-21 root Updated to new IceHouse clients
2014-10-21 root Sync slivers rewritten with ansible
2014-10-17 root Bug fix in ansible driver for backend
2014-10-17 root New steps, ansible playbooks
2014-10-15 root Bug fixes in ansible driver
2014-10-15 root Fixed a bug in the ansible driver for OpenStack
2014-10-15 root user deployment sync step updated to use ansible
2014-10-15 root User and role creation ansible playbook template
2014-10-14 root Ansible library module for new Ansible-based Observer...
2014-10-12 Scott Baker larry's edits on node58
2014-10-12 Scott Baker disable cassandra from UI
2014-10-10 Scott Baker latest dumpdata from alpha
2014-10-09 Scott Baker replace HPC and RR service objects with the right ones
2014-10-09 Scott Baker fix keyerror in plcorebase.delete
2014-10-09 Scott Baker observer_disabled was not being imported into core...
2014-10-09 Scott Baker avoid throwing exception for model_policies that don...
2014-10-09 Scott Baker delete commented out lines
2014-10-09 Scott Baker hostnames in lowercase in legacyapi
2014-10-09 Scott Baker merge my REST API changes with Sapan's
2014-10-09 Scott Baker Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-10-09 Scott Baker user permission REST test, WIP
2014-10-09 Tony Mack create default networks in model policy instead of...
2014-10-08 Tony Mack added openstack dependencies for the observer
2014-10-08 Tony Mack added openstack client libraries dependencies
2014-10-08 Sapan Bhatia Set specific error code
2014-10-08 Sapan Bhatia Creation was broken - when you create an object, there...
2014-10-08 Sapan Bhatia For backend-specific observers, filter out deployments...
2014-10-07 Tony Mack create default public and private slice networks for...
2014-10-07 Scott Baker expanded REST permission test, WIP
2014-10-07 Scott Baker add slice_roles to REST API
2014-10-07 Scott Baker add site_roles to REST API
2014-10-07 Scott Baker user test, WIP
2014-10-07 Scott Baker support fine-grained permission checks in API
2014-10-07 Scott Baker fix TypeError in SliceForm:clean
2014-10-07 Scott Baker re-did the fine grained permission checking stuff again
2014-10-07 Scott Baker fix nonworking tabs displayed when adding user
2014-10-07 Scott Baker fix manyToMany error when creating deployment
2014-10-06 Sapan Bhatia Migration script for availability_zones
2014-10-06 Sapan Bhatia Require wget to be installed
2014-10-03 Scott Baker add default select_by_user to plcorebase, hunt down...
2014-10-03 Scott Baker cleaner approach to dealing with UserAdmin, using multi...
2014-10-03 Scott Baker add support for fine-grained field permissions for...
2014-10-03 Scott Baker raise PermissionDenied if someone tries to save an...
2014-09-30 Scott Baker fix model_policies being called with class instead...
2014-09-30 Scott Baker check-in fix for checkbox deletion not working in djang...
2014-09-30 Scott Baker Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-09-30 Scott Baker rename sanity_check to consistency_check; run it from...
2014-09-29 Tony Mack added availaibilty_zone param to spanw_instance() call
2014-09-29 Tony Mack added availability_zone field to Deployment model
2014-09-26 Scott Baker better stderr handling
2014-09-26 Scott Baker diff-opencloud tool
2014-09-26 Scott Baker opencloud copy tool
2014-09-26 Scott Baker Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-09-26 Scott Baker do a better job with default_origin_server; fix update
2014-09-25 Scott Baker bump version number
2014-09-25 root Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-09-24 Tony Mack allow only enforce login base prefix on new slices
2014-09-24 Tony Mack fix attribute error
2014-09-24 Tony Mack set sliver name in save()
2014-09-24 Scott Baker Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-09-24 Scott Baker fix delete when hpc object has no cmi object id; add...
2014-09-24 Scott Baker also allow 'silent' to be set as an instance variable
2014-09-24 Sapan Bhatia Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-09-24 Sapan Bhatia Fixed a typo
2014-09-24 Scott Baker remove unnecessary id=
2014-09-24 Scott Baker add sanity check functions
2014-09-23 Scott Baker add silent kwarg to delete() and save()
2014-09-23 Sapan Bhatia DeploymentRole is not linked to deployments
2014-09-23 Sapan Bhatia Don't use config backend type if it's not set
2014-09-23 Sapan Bhatia Disable deployment filtering if the backend_type config...
2014-09-23 Scott Baker reverted out change; not sure it was safe when spawning...
2014-09-23 Scott Baker Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-09-23 Scott Baker convert hostnames to lowercase when adding to data...
2014-09-22 Sapan Bhatia New migration script for backend_type, and timezone