Changed dependency info for sync_slivers
[plstackapi.git] / planetstack / templates /
2015-01-13 Scott Baker latest minidashboard code
2015-01-13 Scott Baker minidashboard, WIP
2015-01-13 Scott Baker minidashboard WIP, get object name and id from django
2015-01-06 Scott Baker fix missing error message for bad logins
2014-11-18 Scott Baker upload buttons for user.public_key, network sdn parameters
2014-11-13 Scott Baker statusmsg placeholder for xoslib
2014-11-06 Scott Baker make room for xoslib status
2014-11-04 Scott Baker necessary css to make the opencloud header work
2014-11-03 Scott Baker some javascript and stylesheets that wholePage.html...
2014-11-03 Scott Baker ability to display wholepage dashboard
2014-10-28 Scott Baker getting it from a cookie is better than sticking it...
2014-10-28 Scott Baker CSRF token support in xoslib
2014-09-09 Scott Baker filter images in sliver-add inline by deployment
2014-09-08 Scott Baker filter nodes by flavor dropdown, primarily intended...
2014-09-03 Tony Mack merge
2014-09-03 Scott Baker replace sliver.numberCores with sliver.Flavor, add...
2014-09-02 Tony Mack update slice prefix in slice name field when site is...
2014-08-29 Scott Baker merge Amisha changes
2014-08-13 Tony Mack custom delete confirmation page
2014-08-06 Scott Baker filtering of select in sliverinline now working
2014-08-06 Scott Baker inject node_deployment info into change_form for slice...
2014-08-05 Scott Baker dynamically get list of sites for request account page
2014-08-05 Scott Baker merge amisha changes
2014-07-15 Scott Baker fix debugging line that causes developer view to crash...
2014-07-08 Scott Baker prevent statistics code from running when minidash...
2014-06-23 Scott Baker change from 'opencloud' to 'xos'
2014-06-19 Scott Baker moving the shell files out to where they belong
2014-06-11 Scott Baker removing it broke the tab display; putting it back...
2014-06-11 Scott Baker move stylesheet from dashboard to base to fix popup...
2014-06-11 Scott Baker print BigQuery Unavailable msg if bigquery is not initi...
2014-06-10 Scott Baker check in Amisha's changes
2014-06-09 Scott Baker remove debugging code
2014-06-09 Scott Baker add ability to disabled minidashboard
2014-06-03 Scott Baker eliminate debugging console logs
2014-06-02 Scott Baker merge Amisha changes
2014-05-28 Scott Baker fix some chord graph issues
2014-05-27 Scott Baker slice_interactions dynamic update
2014-05-26 Scott Baker remove debug line
2014-05-23 Scott Baker merge latest Amisha changes
2014-05-22 Scott Baker refuse to add/remove slivers for readonly user
2014-05-22 Scott Baker errorDialog function
2014-05-22 Scott Baker better handling of save/saving message, error dialog...
2014-05-21 Scott Baker 'saving' message and disable button to prevent multi...
2014-05-20 Scott Baker dynamic home view with customization
2014-05-19 Scott Baker welcome.html inherits from dashboard_base.html
2014-05-19 Scott Baker remove access of missing network field
2014-05-19 Scott Baker move confirmation dialogs to cdn operator
2014-05-19 Scott Baker move javascript stuff to extrahead
2014-05-19 Scott Baker abstracting out base dashboard stuff to single-dashboar...
2014-05-19 Scott Baker split developer and cdnoperations out of welcome.html
2014-05-16 Scott Baker Amisha's latest changes to tenant view
2014-05-14 Scott Baker latest version of cdn_nodes dashboard
2014-05-14 Scott Baker change 'node count' to 'active nodes'
2014-04-29 Scott Baker content provider dropdown wip
2014-04-29 Scott Baker do computing of bandwidth before groupby
2014-04-29 Scott Baker wip cdn_nodes dashboard
2014-04-25 Scott Baker fix minidash statistics on node,site, and slice pages
2014-04-25 Scott Baker remove old minidash code
2014-04-25 Scott Baker get BIGQUERY_TABLE setting from plstackapi config file
2014-04-24 Scott Baker error and no data messages for historical tab
2014-04-24 Scott Baker loading message in historical tab
2014-04-24 Scott Baker give historical page 24 hours of data in 10 minute...
2014-04-23 Scott Baker change sliceImage to preferredImage in tenant view
2014-04-23 Scott Baker merge latest Amisha changes
2014-04-22 Scott Baker Amisha's latest changes
2014-04-21 Scott Baker fix checkin of wrong version of file
2014-04-21 Scott Baker remove histrogram, make bar chart wider, eliminate...
2014-04-15 Scott Baker add add/remove buttons to basic add/remove dialog
2014-04-14 Scott Baker Amisha's latest changes to tenant view
2014-04-09 Scott Baker slice dropdown in historical view
2014-04-09 Scott Baker tenant view is tab #5, due to slice interactions view
2014-04-09 Scott Baker merge Amisha's changes
2014-03-27 Scott Baker latest welcome.html from node33
2014-03-27 Scott Baker slice_interactions.html from node33
2014-03-27 Scott Baker minidashboard changes from node33
2014-03-27 Scott Baker check in newminidashboard, pass data source URL to...
2014-03-27 Scott Baker fix time axis, switch from reqs to bandwidth and bytes_...
2014-03-20 Scott Baker fix scrollbars in charts
2014-03-20 Scott Baker bring demo changes from node33 and node36 into master
2014-02-27 Sapan Bhatia Modifications to base.html to support graphs - from... cloudscrutinygraphs
2014-02-24 Siobhan Tully Added in ajax support for refreshing hpcdashboard view...
2014-02-23 Siobhan Tully Added in support for new HPC Dashboard View, ability...
2014-01-14 Siobhan Tully Added in support for user's specific Home Page
2014-01-11 Siobhan Tully Adjustments for initial public launch of OpenCloud
2013-09-03 Siobhan Tully Django-suit, add in Roles for specific classes site...
2013-05-10 Siobhan Tully Refactor to /opt/planetstack, final tweaks to make...