display APIException errors properly
[plstackapi.git] / planetstack / planetstack /
2015-01-07 Sapan Bhatia Added stats URL for fetching monitoring data
2015-01-04 Scott Baker add config file option to disable monitor
2014-11-10 Scott Baker auto-gen the REST api url list
2014-10-31 Scott Baker add networkDeployments and userDeployments
2014-10-30 Scott Baker add slice_privileges to rest api
2014-10-29 Scott Baker add slicedeployments
2014-10-28 Scott Baker fix Service REST API was returning slices
2014-10-27 Scott Baker add flavors to rest api
2014-10-12 Scott Baker disable cassandra from UI
2014-10-07 Scott Baker add slice_roles to REST API
2014-10-07 Scott Baker add site_roles to REST API
2014-09-12 Scott Baker prevent test-related warnings on django 1.7
2014-09-08 Sapan Bhatia Add default configuration
2014-08-27 Scott Baker add support for getting current request object from...
2014-08-13 Scott Baker fix NetworkTemplate url pointing to wrong models
2014-08-12 Scott Baker add networkslivers to REST API
2014-08-01 Scott Baker put legacyapi in the xmlrpc dir, since it was being...
2014-07-16 jcnelson Merge branch 'master' of git://git.planet-lab.org/plsta...
2014-07-13 Scott Baker setting for xoslib templates and statics
2014-07-13 Scott Baker automatically determine urls for xoslib methods
2014-07-10 jcnelson Rename syndicate to syndicate_storage
2014-06-20 Sapan Bhatia Mapped API endpoints for additional objects. E.g. Netwo...
2014-06-16 Scott Baker django 1.7 compatibilitiy
2014-06-13 Sapan Bhatia Bug fixes + added the generated api (genapi.py) to...
2014-06-11 Sapan Bhatia Merge branch 'apigen'
2014-06-09 Scott Baker add ability to disabled minidashboard
2014-06-03 Scott Baker enabled nagios/kairos modules but leave nav tabs disabled
2014-05-30 Scott Baker rename plus to dashboard
2014-05-23 Scott Baker remove kairos and nagios
2014-05-20 Scott Baker mockups for cassandra, nagios, kairosdb
2014-04-25 Scott Baker get BIGQUERY_TABLE setting from plstackapi config file
2014-04-22 Scott Baker GEOIP_PATH for geoip calculations in views.py
2014-03-14 Scott Baker support for uploading files and serving them back via...
2014-01-29 Sapan Bhatia Bug fixes
2014-01-11 Siobhan Tully Adjustments for initial public launch of OpenCloud
2014-01-03 Scott Baker replace OptionParser with a simpler version to eliminat...
2013-12-31 Scott Baker support command line option to specify config file...
2013-10-30 smbaker fix import
2013-10-30 smbaker legacy api for GetConfiguration
2013-10-09 Siobhan Tully Adjusted modeling of Service, Slice and Tags. Added...
2013-09-06 Siobhan Tully Removed enacted field from initial_data.json and admin...
2013-09-06 Siobhan Tully Merge branch 'master' of git.planet-lab.org:/git/plstackapi
2013-09-03 Siobhan Tully Django-suit, add in Roles for specific classes site...
2013-09-02 Sapan Bhatia Wide range of debugging changes
2013-08-05 Tony Mack fix import error
2013-07-02 Siobhan Tully Re-implemented REST API and urls.
2013-06-21 Siobhan Tully Added in geoposition for Sites, including google map...
2013-06-10 Tony Mack removing refrences to keys model
2013-05-28 Siobhan Tully Changed DeploymentNetwork to Deployment, adjusted initi...
2013-05-10 Tony Mack pull some values from planetstack config file
2013-05-10 Siobhan Tully Merge pick up, tweaked role/site/plcore_base or os_mana...
2013-05-10 Siobhan Tully Refactor to /opt/planetstack, final tweaks to make...