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[plstackapi.git] / planetstack / observer
2014-11-05 Sapan Bhatia Merged ansible branch into master
2014-07-23 Sapan Bhatia Fixed tabulations
2014-07-23 Sapan Bhatia Point default observer back to OpenStack observer
2014-07-23 Sapan Bhatia Dropped extraneous sync steps in ec2_observer/steps...
2014-07-23 Sapan Bhatia Made 'observer' a symlink
2014-07-23 Sapan Bhatia Rename observer to openstack_observer, making room...
2014-07-23 Sapan Bhatia Fixed indentation
2014-07-23 Sapan Bhatia Added deletion field to fetch pending method.
2014-07-23 Sapan Bhatia Execute deletors and purge record.
2014-07-23 Sapan Bhatia Changed core Observer logic to incorporate explicit...
2014-07-23 Sapan Bhatia Drop original deleter logic. Deletions will not be...
2014-07-23 Sapan Bhatia Decommissioning the garbage collector, no longer needed...
2014-07-23 Sapan Bhatia New version of delete, which marks as delete instead...
2014-07-23 Sapan Bhatia Updated backend status during call
2014-07-23 Sapan Bhatia Map errors and feed them into the database.
2014-07-23 Sapan Bhatia Feed errors that occur in the back end in the backend_s...
2014-07-23 Sapan Bhatia This patch logs exceptions in the core of the Observer...
2014-07-16 Tony Mack remove unused code
2014-06-20 Tony Mack fix more bugs
2014-06-20 Tony Mack fix import errors
2014-06-11 Scott Baker disable automatic deployment of images (needs verification)
2014-06-04 Tony Mack remove and move deployment auth...
2014-06-04 Tony Mack fix NameError
2014-06-04 Tony Mack switch admin_driver() to client_driver()
2014-06-03 Scott Baker fix duplicate image created
2014-06-03 Scott Baker fix getattr problem, add additional logging
2014-06-03 Scott Baker stop silently absorbing exceptions inside of sync steps
2014-05-30 Scott Baker userdata support for instance creation
2014-05-13 Scott Baker keep track of random client id that was generated
2014-05-13 Scott Baker EventSender was failing on a missing self.random_client...
2014-05-12 Scott Baker fix files I checked into the wrong directory
2014-05-12 Scott Baker changes from alpha site
2014-05-10 Scott Baker commit changes from alpha site
2014-05-10 Scott Baker fix error importing steps
2014-05-07 Tony Mack fix bug
2014-05-07 Tony Mack remove raise
2014-05-07 Tony Mack use python-glanceclient intead of glance.client to...
2014-05-07 Tony Mack sync images across deployments
2014-04-30 Tony Mack added max_slivers (instance) quota attribute to slice...
2014-04-29 Tony Mack modifed
2014-04-29 Tony Mack disable unused steps
2014-04-29 Tony Mack remove debuging code
2014-04-22 Tony Mack update garbage collector
2014-04-21 Tony Mack dont save sliver model here
2014-04-21 Tony Mack enable sliver gc
2014-04-21 Tony Mack remove unused code
2014-04-21 Tony Mack modified provides attribute
2014-04-18 Tony Mack no longer creating a router for networks
2014-04-18 Tony Mack move key sync logic to sync_slivers
2014-04-18 Tony Mack skip networks that are using a template with translation
2014-04-17 Tony Mack do not save user record here
2014-04-16 Tony Mack update user account across deployments when user record...
2014-04-16 Tony Mack only create private networks for networks using the...
2014-04-16 Tony Mack fix login for which networks a sliver connets to
2014-04-15 Tony Mack only save sliver record if operstions succeed
2014-04-15 Tony Mack filter users correctly
2014-04-15 Tony Mack fix bug
2014-04-15 Tony Mack disable some steps
2014-04-15 Tony Mack add network template to requested networks
2014-04-15 Tony Mack fix bug
2014-04-12 Tony Mack fix bugs
2014-04-12 Tony Mack add new deleters, update existing deleters
2014-04-10 Tony Mack add users to all deployments for now
2014-04-10 Tony Mack skip slices that have not been synced at the deployment
2014-04-10 Tony Mack moved sync logic to sync_network_deployments
2014-04-10 Tony Mack request_interface should be requested_interval
2014-04-09 Tony Mack changed 'uuid' to 'net-id' in networks arg. Don't inclu...
2014-04-08 Tony Mack change filter() to all()
2014-04-08 Tony Mack include SyncNetworkDeployments step
2014-04-08 Tony Mack checking in step
2014-04-07 Tony Mack do not save user record in sync_user step
2014-04-07 Tony Mack Inspect all user deployments. No need to act on ever...
2014-04-07 Tony Mack import logger
2014-04-07 Tony Mack Add slices to all deployments for now. Set starting...
2014-04-02 Tony Mack fix bugs
2014-04-02 Tony Mack fix import error
2014-04-02 Tony Mack updating deleters
2014-03-19 Tony Mack bug fixes and improvements
2014-03-19 Tony Mack fix bugs
2014-03-17 Tony Mack fix bugs
2014-03-12 Tony Mack set keystone user name to user's email address
2014-03-12 Tony Mack fixing bugs
2014-03-12 Tony Mack observer now supports remote openstack deployments
2014-03-11 Sapan Bhatia Rewrote toposort to handle loops in Step graph. Simpler...
2014-02-05 Scott Baker fix print_once undefined local
2014-02-05 Scott Baker add additional fields to notify_observer in disabled...
2014-01-22 Scott Baker pass pk and model_dict to deleter, dynamic load of...
2014-01-22 Scott Baker pass pk to deleter, support model as a class or instanc...
2014-01-03 Scott Baker add support for non-openstack drivers, rename step_dir...
2013-12-31 Scott Baker use Config().step_dir to load steps dynamically
2013-11-21 Andy Bavier If a Network already has a network_id, read subnet...
2013-11-19 Andy Bavier Bug fixes
2013-10-28 Andy Bavier Log to default location
2013-10-22 Andy Bavier Log to /var/log/planetstack.log instead of observer...
2013-10-21 Tony Mack fix name error
2013-10-21 Tony Mack use slice creator context instead of admin context
2013-10-18 Andy Bavier Log failures in sync steps
2013-10-18 Andy Bavier Fix tenant update
2013-10-18 Andy Bavier Return value from get_next_subnet()
2013-10-16 Sapan Bhatia Merge branch 'master' of ssh://