fix sliver details view not being displayed
[plstackapi.git] / planetstack / hpc /
2014-12-26 Tony Mack adding initial migrations
2014-12-19 Tony Mack removing migrations
2014-09-16 Scott Baker resolve naive datetime warnings
2014-09-15 Scott Baker check in migrations for the other apps
2014-08-27 Scott Baker make defaultOriginServer optional
2014-08-21 Scott Baker came up with a better way to implement backend status...
2014-08-21 Scott Baker provisioning status in admin UI
2014-08-21 Scott Baker add backend_status to UI
2014-08-15 Scott Baker remove all ROInline objects
2014-06-03 Scott Baker enacted field cleanup
2014-05-23 Scott Baker readonly support for HPC admin
2014-05-07 Scott Baker add account computed field to contentprovider
2014-03-14 Scott Baker add access and site maps to hpc
2014-01-12 Scott Baker fields for HPC object ids
2014-01-11 Siobhan Tully Adjustments for initial public launch of OpenCloud
2013-09-03 Siobhan Tully Django-suit, add in Roles for specific classes site...