prevent script tags inside of error popup
[plstackapi.git] / planetstack / core / xoslib / static / js / xoslib / xosHelper.js
2015-01-24 Scott Baker prevent script tags inside of error popup
2015-01-21 Scott Baker tenant view only shows sites the user should be able...
2015-01-20 Scott Baker help text support for detail view, tenant view warnings...
2015-01-20 Scott Baker add saveSuccess hook for detail view
2015-01-15 Scott Baker change 'name' to 'site', make label cells same width
2015-01-14 Scott Baker fix one row trimmed off if iDisplayLength==-1
2015-01-14 Scott Baker disable paginate and filter of site list in tenant...
2015-01-14 Scott Baker caption for SliceSelector
2015-01-13 Scott Baker edit users button in tenant view
2015-01-12 Scott Baker afterDelete working in tenant view
2015-01-12 Scott Baker tenantview without navigation
2015-01-11 Scott Baker tenant view, WIP
2014-12-18 Scott Baker syphonall support for picker
2014-12-17 Scott Baker 2 column picker WIP
2014-12-16 Scott Baker complicated sliver logic implemented
2014-12-15 Scott Baker generic applyConstraints, before abandoning
2014-12-12 Scott Baker no column title or sort button for delete and backend_s...
2014-12-12 Scott Baker backend_status icon
2014-12-12 Scott Baker refresh and add buttons working
2014-12-12 Scott Baker pagination, search, and sort now working in datatables...
2014-12-11 Scott Baker datatable in a marionette view, WIP
2014-12-10 Scott Baker add ability to force route
2014-12-10 Scott Baker button panels done right
2014-12-10 Scott Baker fix wrong parentfieldName in add link, fix filters...
2014-12-10 Scott Baker all list and listitem views now use generic templates
2014-12-09 Scott Baker readonly fields, wip
2014-12-09 Scott Baker move idToName into xos-backbone.js, add preSave hook...
2014-12-08 Scott Baker Add FilteredCompositeView, fix the prevPage routing
2014-12-08 Scott Baker fix selects not having default item set properly
2014-12-08 Scott Baker addChild link working for things other than slivers
2014-12-08 Scott Baker all detail templates replaced by generic
2014-12-05 Scott Baker addChild dialog, synchronous mode for detailview
2014-12-03 Scott Baker delete links working for deployments
2014-12-02 Scott Baker fix issue with delete dialog
2014-12-02 Scott Baker move some code around
2014-12-02 Scott Baker replace the onclick itemview handler with a naviation...
2014-12-02 Scott Baker add raw error dialog support, only add model to collect...
2014-11-26 Scott Baker fix validate returning the wrong thing on success,...
2014-11-26 Scott Baker validation of URL fields
2014-11-26 Scott Baker rudimentary validation in xoslib
2014-11-25 Scott Baker popup error message
2014-11-21 Scott Baker humanReadableNames in logPanel
2014-11-21 Scott Baker limit table rows in log window
2014-11-19 Scott Baker delete working for deployments, confirmation dialog
2014-11-19 Scott Baker refresh button working, spinning circle, navigate funct...
2014-11-15 Scott Baker colored log table, save button returns to list
2014-11-13 Scott Baker progress bar on startup, and make sure stuff is loaded...
2014-11-12 Scott Baker add button now mostly working for deployments
2014-11-08 Scott Baker add button plumbed through to router
2014-11-07 Scott Baker templateize detail inline button panel, add save/contin...
2014-11-06 Scott Baker support for statusMsg in django's base.html
2014-11-05 Scott Baker show tabs in test.js
2014-11-05 Scott Baker tabs working
2014-11-04 Scott Baker modelName in xos models, log window, deferred display...
2014-11-04 Scott Baker lots of changes to xosHelper
2014-11-03 Scott Baker move stuff out of test and into xosHelper.js for better...