prevent script tags inside of error popup
[plstackapi.git] / planetstack / core / xoslib / static / js / xoslib / xos-util.js
2015-01-24 Scott Baker prevent script tags inside of error popup
2015-01-24 Scott Baker fix validator override call for slice/slicePlus, add...
2015-01-23 Scott Baker network_ports validation, wip
2015-01-20 Scott Baker set dirty if users edited, warning message if change...
2015-01-17 Scott Baker fix users list not subtracted properly when displaying...
2015-01-17 Scott Baker refactor sliceplus core for users, return user ids...
2015-01-15 Scott Baker change 'name' to 'site', make label cells same width
2015-01-13 Scott Baker edit users button in tenant view
2014-12-17 Scott Baker 2 column picker WIP
2014-12-08 Scott Baker make field names in the generic detail view look nice
2014-12-03 Scott Baker delete links working for deployments
2014-12-02 Scott Baker add raw error dialog support, only add model to collect...
2014-11-26 Scott Baker validation of URL fields
2014-11-26 Scott Baker rudimentary validation in xoslib
2014-11-21 Scott Baker limit table rows in log window