tenant view only shows sites the user should be able to see
[plstackapi.git] / planetstack / core / xoslib / static / js / xoslib / xos-backbone.js
2015-01-21 Scott Baker tenant view only shows sites the user should be able...
2015-01-12 Scott Baker tenantview without navigation
2015-01-11 Scott Baker tenant view, WIP
2015-01-06 Scott Baker remove coresitedeployment from xoslib
2015-01-06 Tony Mack removing plural from model names. some cleanup
2015-01-03 Scott Baker update to make use of renamed NetworkTemplate fields
2014-12-24 Scott Baker add ControllerSiteDeployment to xoslib
2014-12-23 Scott Baker add SiteDeployment to xoslib
2014-12-23 Scott Baker add controller to xoslib
2014-12-22 Scott Baker eliminate from xoslib models deleted due to introductio...
2014-12-22 Scott Baker fix javascript fail if xosvalidators.js not loaded...
2014-12-17 Scott Baker 2 column picker WIP
2014-12-16 Scott Baker flavor and imageDeployments objects
2014-12-12 Scott Baker backend_status fields in all models
2014-12-12 Scott Baker pagination, search, and sort now working in datatables...
2014-12-10 Scott Baker all list and listitem views now use generic templates
2014-12-09 Scott Baker readonly fields, wip
2014-12-09 Scott Baker move idToName into xos-backbone.js, add preSave hook...
2014-12-08 Scott Baker filtering the collection was the very very wrong way...
2014-12-08 Scott Baker all detail templates replaced by generic
2014-12-05 Scott Baker fix validation misnamed in slice model
2014-12-02 Scott Baker replace the onclick itemview handler with a naviation...
2014-12-02 Scott Baker add raw error dialog support, only add model to collect...
2014-11-26 Scott Baker enforce underscore in prefix
2014-11-26 Scott Baker custom validator for site.login_base prefix in slice...
2014-11-26 Scott Baker fix validate returning the wrong thing on success,...
2014-11-26 Scott Baker rudimentary validation in xoslib
2014-11-21 Scott Baker fix sliceplus to work with big rename
2014-11-19 Scott Baker refresh button working, spinning circle, navigate funct...
2014-11-13 Scott Baker progress bar on startup, and make sure stuff is loaded...
2014-11-13 Scott Baker rest api changes from big rename
2014-11-12 Scott Baker cleanup all of the model declarations, and add defaults...
2014-11-12 Scott Baker use the right REST url when saving a model that has...
2014-11-08 Scott Baker modelName field added to XOSCollections
2014-11-06 Scott Baker more relatedCollections in xos-backbone.js
2014-11-05 Scott Baker fix slivers not linked to deployments
2014-11-05 Scott Baker tabs working
2014-11-04 Scott Baker modelName in xos models, log window, deferred display...
2014-11-03 Scott Baker use html select in detail views
2014-10-31 Scott Baker add networkDeployment to xoslib
2014-10-31 Scott Baker add userDeployments to xoslib test
2014-10-31 Scott Baker latest xoslib test changes
2014-10-30 Scott Baker add slicePrivilege, networkSliver, and SliceRole
2014-10-29 Scott Baker add sliceDeployment; add relatedCollections, add filterBy
2014-10-28 Scott Baker getting it from a cookie is better than sticking it...
2014-10-28 Scott Baker CSRF token support in xoslib
2014-10-28 Scott Baker fix bug where startPolling would only poll the last...
2014-10-28 Scott Baker those trailing slashes were important
2014-10-28 Scott Baker add network templates to xoslib
2014-10-28 Scott Baker add service to xoslib
2014-10-28 Scott Baker add network to xoslib
2014-10-28 Scott Baker add image to xoslib
2014-07-15 Scott Baker prevent problems if xos-backbone loaded twice
2014-07-15 Scott Baker remove debugging code
2014-07-14 Scott Baker sorting working
2014-07-14 Scott Baker add polling for developer view
2014-07-14 Scott Baker xosDeveloper view working
2014-07-13 Scott Baker refactor code organization