tenant view only shows sites the user should be able to see
[plstackapi.git] / planetstack / core / xoslib / methods / sliceplus.py
2015-01-21 Scott Baker tenant view only shows sites the user should be able...
2015-01-17 Scott Baker refactor sliceplus core for users, return user ids...
2015-01-13 Scott Baker edit users button in tenant view
2015-01-12 Scott Baker sliceplus incorporate field changes from slice model
2015-01-12 Scott Baker base class stuff for xoslib methods from genapi
2015-01-11 Scott Baker sliceplus support for site_allocation and network_ports...
2015-01-09 Scott Baker fix camelcasing of networkPorts -> network_ports
2015-01-09 Scott Baker add networkPorts
2015-01-04 Scott Baker rename camelcase fields in slice
2014-12-23 Scott Baker rest_framework doesn't have a serializers.ReadOnlyField
2014-12-23 Scott Baker fix plus mixin for rest_framework 3.0
2014-11-21 Scott Baker add humanReadableName to all REST API objects
2014-08-28 Scott Baker return backend status in sliceplus object
2014-07-14 Scott Baker xosDeveloper view working
2014-07-13 Scott Baker prototype first virtual object for xoslib: sliceplus