Add uuid field to sliver
[plstackapi.git] / planetstack / apigen /
2015-01-06 Tony Mack removing plural from model names. some cleanup
2014-12-26 Scott Baker model naming convention checker
2014-12-23 Scott Baker rest_framework doesn't have a serializers.ReadOnlyField
2014-12-23 Scott Baker make 'id' fields readonly, set query_set for manytomany...
2014-12-22 Scott Baker perm fix
2014-12-19 Tony Mack Controller replaces Deployment
2014-12-18 Scott Baker finished support for ManyToMany with through relations...
2014-12-18 Scott Baker support for through relations in REST API, WIP
2014-12-16 Scott Baker fix one half of ManyToMany relations stored in wrong obj
2014-12-16 Scott Baker get rid of hyperlinks in *IDSerializer
2014-11-25 Scott Baker expose plcorebase.validators to REST API
2014-11-21 Scott Baker perm fix
2014-11-21 Scott Baker get rid of the underscores in slice_deployments and...
2014-11-21 Scott Baker add humanReadableName to all REST API objects
2014-11-12 Scott Baker fix create failing for objects that have foreign keys...
2014-11-10 Scott Baker perm fix
2014-11-10 Scott Baker auto-gen the REST api url list
2014-10-09 Scott Baker merge my REST API changes with Sapan's
2014-10-08 Sapan Bhatia Set specific error code
2014-10-08 Sapan Bhatia Creation was broken - when you create an object, there...
2014-10-07 Scott Baker support fine-grained permission checks in API
2014-08-12 Scott Baker add id serializers to genapi, add filtering support...
2014-07-04 Scott Baker add no_hyperlinks option to REST api framework
2014-07-04 Scott Baker fix modelgen error on upgradeFrom_rel_+
2014-06-11 Sapan Bhatia Merge branch 'apigen'
2014-06-11 Sapan Bhatia Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-03-17 Tony Mack attach caller to saved objects/models
2014-02-05 Tony Mack override create, update and destroy view methods to...
2014-02-05 Tony Mack fix typo
2014-02-05 Tony Mack add rbac to rest api views
2014-01-29 Sapan Bhatia Continuing bug fixes apigen
2014-01-29 Sapan Bhatia Bugfix: Typo
2014-01-29 Sapan Bhatia Bug fixes involving field names.
2014-01-29 Sapan Bhatia Bugfix: Added related objects to set of model fields
2014-01-29 Sapan Bhatia Bug fixes for the API generator
2014-01-29 Sapan Bhatia Bug fixes
2014-01-28 Sapan Bhatia Fixed some bugs in many to many and generic properties
2014-01-15 Sapan Bhatia Added new templates
2014-01-15 Sapan Bhatia First pass on API generator. Not for serious use.
2014-01-13 Sapan Bhatia First version of api generator