SSH commands dialog
[plstackapi.git] / opencloud.spec
2015-01-04 Scott Baker bump version number
2014-12-26 Tony Mack adding initial migrations
2014-12-22 Scott Baker force version 2.4 of django rest framework
2014-12-19 Scott Baker new version number
2014-11-20 Scott Baker bump version number
2014-11-14 Sapan Bhatia Added a default model-deps for bootstrapping. Move...
2014-11-12 Scott Baker bump version number
2014-11-05 Sapan Bhatia Installation of ansible-based Observer
2014-10-08 Tony Mack added openstack client libraries dependencies
2014-10-06 Sapan Bhatia Require wget to be installed
2014-09-25 Scott Baker bump version number
2014-09-18 Scott Baker run migrate for django 1.7 or evolve for django 1.5
2014-09-12 Scott Baker genkeys before running syncdb
2014-09-11 Scott Baker move python-czar to pip-python section, only download...
2014-09-11 Scott Baker populate flavors in initial_data.json
2014-09-08 Sapan Bhatia Added requirements for using django encrypted fields
2014-08-11 John H. Hartman Fixed spec file to handle symbolic links and config...
2014-08-06 Scott Baker Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-08-06 Scott Baker bump version number to 1.0.22-2
2014-08-05 Sapan Bhatia Make changes to install observer initscript in the...
2014-08-05 Sapan Bhatia Typo in spec file
2014-08-05 Sapan Bhatia Add observer initscript to build rpm
2014-06-26 Scott Baker latest version number
2014-05-15 Scott Baker mark plstackapi_config as a config file so it's not...
2014-05-15 Scott Baker bump version number; add install-keys makefile action
2014-05-15 Scott Baker fix duplicate pre section
2014-05-15 Scott Baker evolve during upgrade instead of initdb; dumpdata befor...
2014-05-14 Scott Baker Fix spec file (Matthias' patch), bump version, exlude...
2014-04-18 Scott Baker only download GeoLiteCity if it does not exist; require...
2014-04-15 Scott Baker download and install GeoIP city database
2014-04-14 Scott Baker add GeoIP, django-ipware
2014-04-09 Scott Baker fix /opt/planetstack deleted on update; bump version...
2014-03-27 Scott Baker bump rpm version number
2014-03-21 Scott Baker bump version number
2014-03-20 Scott Baker install dependencies for analyics, install newer jquery...
2014-02-23 Siobhan Tully Added in initial make -- rpm support, tested against...