Setting tag plcapi-5.3-9
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2012-03-27 Thierry Parmentelat get rid of svn keywords once and for good
2009-07-19 Thierry Parmentelat svn keywords
2008-11-28 Thierry Parmentelat renaming SliceAttribute into SliceTag and InterfaceSett...
2008-05-22 Thierry Parmentelat first draft for node tags & new node groups:
2007-10-25 Thierry Parmentelat set svn:keywords property for proper keywords expansion
2007-02-08 Tony Mack - fixed bug in generate_temp_table() having to do with...
2007-02-05 Mark Huang - add onelab peer as part of post upgrade fixup
2007-02-04 Mark Huang add our custom yum.conf PlanetLabConf entries
2007-02-04 Mark Huang - don't bother converting conf_files (db-config sets...
2007-02-03 Mark Huang - Update plc_ticket_pubkey attribute
2007-02-03 Mark Huang - base64 decode the old initscript
2007-02-03 Mark Huang - add Proper ops
2007-02-02 Mark Huang Convert old planetlab3 slice attributes and initscripts...
2007-01-31 Tony Mack - modify person_key and keys table definitions to ignor...
2007-01-31 Tony Mack - revert back to old fix_row()
2007-01-31 Tony Mack - modified fix_row(): skip records in person_keys table...
2007-01-31 Mark Huang Dumps the planetlab3 database on zulu, fixing a few...
2007-01-30 Mark Huang support CREATE OR REPLACE
2007-01-29 Mark Huang - handle "CREATE OR REPLACE" in schema
2006-11-30 Tony Mack - populate sites.max_slices correctly
2006-11-22 Tony Mack - fix print statements
2006-11-21 Tony Mack - comments
2006-11-21 Tony Mack - fix db archive
2006-11-21 Tony Mack - fix db encoding check
2006-11-21 Tony Mack - support joins and wheres in config file
2006-11-20 Tony Mack - changes to addresses, site_address, address_address_t...
2006-11-17 Tony Mack - update sequences values after repopulating tables
2006-11-17 Tony Mack - updated to reflect recent db schema changes
2006-11-15 Tony Mack - dump the db as postgres instead of pgsqluser
2006-11-15 Tony Mack - remove some print statements
2006-11-15 Tony Mack - keep up to date with recent changes in planetlab4...
2006-11-15 Tony Mack - fix random bugs
2006-11-15 Tony Mack - fix bug in archive_db()
2006-11-14 Tony Mack - reconnect to db after utf8 encoding
2006-11-14 Tony Mack - initial checking of db upgrade scripts