Setting tag plcapi-5.3-9
[plcapi.git] / plcsh
2010-11-28 Thierry Parmentelat removed svn keywords
2008-03-12 Thierry Parmentelat * has now a few options for setting marker...
2008-01-28 Tony Mack remove debugging print statement
2008-01-28 Tony Mack if executing a file, add the file's directory to the...
2008-01-25 Tony Mack evlauate api calls passed in as arguments to plcsh
2007-11-13 Tony Mack reverse changes
2007-11-13 Tony Mack Merge from trunk
2007-10-25 Thierry Parmentelat set svn:keywords property for proper keywords expansion
2007-02-08 Mark Huang add -k, --insecure option to skip checking SSL cert
2007-02-02 Mark Huang - add -s, --session option to specify session key
2007-01-17 Mark Huang - fix getpass() reference
2007-01-11 Mark Huang fix config pointer
2007-01-11 Mark Huang - register a few more globals for backward compatibility
2007-01-08 Mark Huang - separate out command-line parsing/interpreter from...