2013-09-13 Scott Baker newline at end of file master
2013-09-12 Scott Baker fix makefile installing to wrong spot
2013-09-12 Scott Baker don't restart services when installing in build system
2013-09-12 Scott Baker add conditional on NOVA_USER
2013-09-12 Scott Baker add sysctl plugin to rpm
2013-09-12 Scott Baker move the plugins into a plugins directory
2013-09-12 Scott Baker got the timer working for healthcheck
2013-09-12 Scott Baker we have to use dashes due to django slugs prohibiting...
2013-09-12 Scott Baker use the key/value in the metadata to set the sysctl
2013-09-12 Scott Baker sysctl plugin, wip
2013-09-09 Scott Baker systemd scripts to start openstack-healthcheck
2013-09-09 Scott Baker move from plstackapi
2013-09-09 Scott Baker preparing makefile for build system
2013-09-09 Scott Baker remove old spec file
2013-09-09 Scott Baker rename viccidriver to planetstack-compute
2013-09-09 Scott Baker check in previously un-checked-in stuff
2013-09-09 Scott Baker check in previously un-checked-in stuff
2013-07-11 smbaker fix json serialization errors on datetime.datetime...
2013-07-02 smbaker script for copying to viccidev1
2013-07-02 smbaker support for current state of tags on vicci
2013-07-01 smbaker support for new tags
2013-05-22 Scott Baker checking in old change: retry wait for cgroup to be...
2013-05-22 Scott Baker add slicetags to metadata
2013-05-22 Scott Baker fix DetatchedInstance error
2013-05-21 Scott Baker backport password metadata from grizzly to folsom
2013-05-21 Scott Baker check in metadata api changes for serving planetstack...
2013-05-08 Scott Baker update version number
2013-05-08 Scott Baker permission fix
2013-05-08 Scott Baker fix handling of metadata when set during instance creation
2013-05-07 smbaker rebuild python-nova to include planetstack changes
2013-05-07 smbaker fix commit() function missing on update_alive
2013-05-07 smbaker fix powered_off/powered_on operations
2013-05-07 smbaker test whether slivers are alive before allocating cores...
2013-05-07 smbaker add function to test if cgroup exists
2013-05-07 smbaker fix imported module name
2013-04-29 smbaker fix incorrect comment, fix names of args in callbacks...
2013-04-29 smbaker separate out update_mpodules, add liveness tracking...
2013-04-19 smbaker added missing file
2013-04-19 smbaker install from RPM instead of using
2013-04-19 smbaker entry_points, going to try a manual install instead...
2013-04-19 smbaker update spec and makefile
2013-04-19 smbaker copy the egg file
2013-04-19 smbaker get delete working in driver, rename VicciDriver -...
2013-04-19 smbaker formatting change
2013-04-19 smbaker fix error when slice doesn't exist
2013-04-18 smbaker remove old file
2013-04-18 smbaker add __init__ file
2013-04-18 smbaker move driver into subdirectory
2013-04-18 smbaker unregister-plugin and show-entry-points commands
2013-04-18 smbaker delete sliver support
2013-04-18 smbaker call commit after deleting item from db
2013-04-17 smbaker more debug info
2013-04-17 smbaker permission fix
2013-04-17 smbaker add delete_sliver, fix bug meta deleted from wrong...
2013-04-14 Scott Baker check in planetstackplugin files, move some viccidriver...
2013-04-06 smbaker add missing file, fix ownership of /var...
2013-04-05 Scott Baker Makefile and spec checkin
2013-04-05 smbaker initial checkin