last changeMon, 25 Jun 2012 22:19:15 +0000
2012-06-25 soltesz Setting tag pcucontrol-1.0-13 master pcucontrol-1.0-13
2011-12-24 Stephen Soltesz remove unnecessary 'print's
2011-12-11 Stephen Soltesz remove unnecessary debug messages
2011-12-11 Stephen Soltesz Add expect version of APC controller
2011-12-11 Stephen Soltesz add a simple reboot function
2011-10-04 Stephen Soltesz Add new lines to signal EOF when waiting for command...
2011-08-31 Stephen Soltesz Setting tag pcucontrol-1.0-12 pcucontrol-1.0-12
2011-06-30 Stephen Soltesz Fix regex to match DRACs with username in ssh prompt.
2011-06-08 Stephen Soltesz Setting tag pcucontrol-1.0-11 pcucontrol-1.0-11
2011-06-08 Stephen Soltesz Verify expect versions of DRAC, HPiLO and updates to...
2011-04-17 Stephen Soltesz Enhance, simplify and beautify DRAC ...
2011-04-07 Stephen Soltesz To provide better feedback to the RebootNodeWithPCU...
2011-04-07 Stephen Soltesz IMPORTANT FIX: Restore Reset_Server.xml for HPiLO
2011-01-24 Thierry Parmentelat Setting tag pcucontrol-1.0-10 pcucontrol-1.0-10
2011-01-05 Thierry Parmentelat fix URL in specfile - rm svn-keywords
2010-12-03 Barış Metin Setting tag pcucontrol-1.0-9 pcucontrol-1.0-9
7 years ago pcucontrol-1.0-13 Setting tag pcucontrol-1.0-13
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9 years ago pcucontrol-1.0-4 Setting tag pcucontrol-1.0-4
9 years ago pcucontrol-1.0-3 Setting tag pcucontrol-1.0-3
9 years ago pcucontrol-1.0-2 Setting tag pcucontrol-1.0-2
10 years ago pcucontrol-1.0-1 Setting tag pcucontrol-1.0-1
10 years ago pcucontrol-1.0-0 initial svn cp to make module tags...
7 years ago master