Fix regex to match DRACs with username in ssh prompt.
[pcucontrol.git] / pcucontrol /
2011-06-30 Stephen Soltesz Fix regex to match DRACs with username in ssh prompt.
2011-06-08 Stephen Soltesz Verify expect versions of DRAC, HPiLO and updates to...
2011-04-17 Stephen Soltesz Enhance, simplify and beautify DRAC ...
2011-04-07 Stephen Soltesz To provide better feedback to the RebootNodeWithPCU...
2011-04-07 Stephen Soltesz IMPORTANT FIX: Restore Reset_Server.xml for HPiLO
2010-12-03 Barış Metin make it compile on f14
2010-06-25 Stephen Soltesz improve error handling and reporting for hpilos.
2010-06-18 Stephen Soltesz add a parameter to RebootNodeWithPCU to perform a ...
2010-05-20 Barış Metin fix ePowerSwitchOld
2010-05-10 Barış Metin add ipmi to prottypemap
2010-04-29 Barış Metin remove unused imports
2010-03-10 Barış Metin quote pass
2010-01-19 Thierry Parmentelat move the 'Requires: pcucontrol' from myplc to PLCAPI...
2010-01-07 Barış Metin pass the user/password as command paramters
2009-12-22 Barış Metin move pcucontrol package into pcucontrol module.