2013-08-05 smbaker misc forgotten changes master
2013-08-05 smbaker fix spelling mistake and check in misc forgotten changes
2013-02-14 smbaker fix error when person does not have allow-trust-root...
2013-02-12 smbaker tag for openid associations
2013-02-12 smbaker clean up sample language and replace with vicci language
2013-02-10 smbaker add support for remembering authorized trust roots
2013-02-10 smbaker tag type for authorized openid sessions
2013-02-07 smbaker Fix idSelect() discovery, set base_url from req object...
2013-02-06 smbaker fix drupal's mod_rewrite rules rewriting /id/* urls
2013-02-05 smbaker Makefile and RPM spec file
2013-02-05 smbaker change paths for allow and logout, eliminate /openid...
2013-02-05 smbaker use python session to store last request
2013-02-05 smbaker initial checkin of modpython openid server, using cooki...
2013-02-04 smbaker Initial checkin of openid server based on python-openid