Change path from /usr/local to /usr
[nodeupdate.git] / NodeUpdate.spec
2007-08-07 Faiyaz Ahmed Change path from /usr/local to /usr
2007-01-18 Marc Fiuczynski satisfy FC6 rpm requirements for python files
2006-07-14 Mark Huang License replaces Copyright
2006-05-09 Mark Huang - bump release number
2005-12-15 Mark Huang support pldistro "variants"
2004-11-16 Mark Huang - bump release number for rc3
2004-11-04 Mark Huang bump release number
2004-10-27 Mark Huang add miscellaneous tags
2004-08-18 Mark Huang - cron package is usually named vixie-cron
2004-08-17 Mark Huang - add a Requires: on cron
2004-06-22 Aaron Klingaman changes to better support different node rpm groups...
2004-04-14 Aaron Klingaman updated build root and clean target
2004-04-13 Mark Huang change release numbers to <release>.planetlab[.<date...
2004-04-12 Aaron Klingaman This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...