last changeTue, 17 May 2011 19:24:53 +0000
2011-05-17 Andy Bavier Changes for 2.6.32 kernel master svn/trunk
2011-05-11 Andy Bavier Update tag
2011-05-11 Andy Bavier Updates for change in sioc.gifconf() semantics
2011-05-09 Thierry Parmentelat add rule to create srpm
2011-01-11 Andy Bavier Bump version
2010-06-28 S.Çağlar... adjustments for revision 18407
2010-04-27 Andy Bavier Configure bandwidth limit for slice with auto topology...
2010-04-26 Andy Bavier Bump
2010-04-26 Andy Bavier Set txqueuelen on EGRE tunnel device. The default...
2009-11-30 Andy Bavier Restart the veserver if spaces/net changes
2009-10-30 Andy Bavier Assume each slice has a network namespace already
2009-10-19 Andy Bavier Bump
2009-10-19 Andy Bavier Work around race condition when NodeManager is starting...
2009-09-04 Andy Bavier New plugin interface
2009-08-05 Andy Bavier No need to assume integers
2009-07-17 Andy Bavier Do not erase manual topology
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