New plugin interface
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2009-07-17 Andy Bavier Do not erase manual topology
2009-07-01 Andy Bavier Fix problem with adding CAP_NET_ADMIN to capabilities tag
2009-07-01 Andy Bavier Bug fixes
2009-06-25 Andy Bavier Add 'manual' topology mode for manually specifying...
2009-05-27 Andy Bavier Update all slice tags in one shot
2009-05-26 Andy Bavier Assign EGRE keys and vsys attributes
2009-05-26 Andy Bavier Rewrite to make easier to read, maintain
2009-05-21 Andy Bavier Turn off debugging flag
2009-05-21 Andy Bavier Update for PL4.3
2009-04-21 Andy Bavier Resolve problems with same IP address assigned to multi...
2009-03-10 Andy Bavier Add virtual IP addresses to 'rspec', advertise OpenVPN...
2009-03-09 Faiyaz Ahmed Revert
2009-03-09 Faiyaz Ahmed Creates linkspec based on vini topology.
2009-03-06 Faiyaz Ahmed Generates linkspecs and ifspecs from the topology list.
2009-02-26 Andy Bavier Generate site adjacency map from list of physical links...
2009-02-25 Andy Bavier Generate 'hosts' attribute for the slice
2009-02-19 Andy Bavier Remove topo_rspec attributes if egre_key not present
2009-02-19 Andy Bavier Add rate to topo_rspec attribute
2009-02-17 Andy Bavier Virtual topology plugin for NodeManager