last changeFri, 21 Mar 2014 15:16:22 +0000
2014-03-21 Thierry Parmentelat Setting tag nodeconfig-5.2-4 master nodeconfig-5.2-4
2014-02-12 Ciro Scognamiglio disable monitor
2013-12-23 Ciro Scognamiglio fixed ntp config
2013-12-23 Ciro Scognamiglio added access restrictions to ntp.conf
2013-12-10 Thierry Parmentelat Setting tag nodeconfig-5.2-3 nodeconfig-5.2-3
2013-09-25 Thierry Parmentelat use GET['node_id'] to figure the node instead of from...
2013-04-23 Thierry Parmentelat Setting tag nodeconfig-5.2-2 nodeconfig-5.2-2
2013-04-03 Thierry Parmentelat Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-04-03 Thierry Parmentelat trash sfa_config.php
2013-03-07 Thierry Parmentelat Setting tag nodeconfig-5.2-1 nodeconfig-5.2-1
2013-02-27 Thierry Parmentelat bump major to 5.2
2012-04-16 Thierry Parmentelat Setting tag nodeconfig-5.0-7 nodeconfig-5.0-7 nodeconfig-5.2-0
2012-04-11 Thierry Parmentelat fix broken target make sync
2012-02-24 Thierry Parmentelat Setting tag nodeconfig-5.0-6 nodeconfig-5.0-6
2012-02-23 Thierry Parmentelat fix syntax error
2011-05-10 Stephen Soltesz Add deployment mechanism for hotfixes to nodes in chose...
6 years ago nodeconfig-5.2-4 Setting tag nodeconfig-5.2-4
6 years ago nodeconfig-5.2-3 Setting tag nodeconfig-5.2-3
6 years ago nodeconfig-5.2-2 Setting tag nodeconfig-5.2-2
7 years ago nodeconfig-5.2-1 Setting tag nodeconfig-5.2-1
7 years ago nodeconfig-5.0-7 Setting tag nodeconfig-5.0-7
7 years ago nodeconfig-5.2-0 Setting tag nodeconfig-5.0-7
8 years ago nodeconfig-5.0-6 Setting tag nodeconfig-5.0-6
9 years ago nodeconfig-4.3-9 Setting tag nodeconfig-4.3-9
9 years ago nodeconfig-4.3-8 Setting tag nodeconfig-4.3-8
9 years ago nodeconfig-5.0-5 Setting tag nodeconfig-5.0-5
9 years ago nodeconfig-5.0-4 Setting tag nodeconfig-5.0-4
9 years ago nodeconfig-5.0-3 fix the tag manually
9 years ago nodeconfig-5.0-2 Setting tag nodeconfig-5.0-2
10 years ago nodeconfig-5.0-1 Setting tag nodeconfig-5.0-1
10 years ago nodeconfig-5.0-0 Branch 5.0 for module nodeconfig...
10 years ago nodeconfig-4.3-7 Setting tag nodeconfig-4.3-7
6 years ago master
9 years ago 4.3
10 years ago 4.2
10 years ago trunk@8303
12 years ago trunk@8211