added access restrictions to ntp.conf
[nodeconfig.git] / db-config.d /
2013-04-03 Thierry Parmentelat trash sfa_config.php
2012-02-23 Thierry Parmentelat fix syntax error
2011-05-10 Stephen Soltesz Add deployment mechanism for hotfixes to nodes in chose...
2011-01-28 Thierry Parmentelat svn keywords, and url in specfile
2010-09-05 Tony Mack removed sfa_component_setup cron job
2010-02-17 Tony Mack added sfa_setup_component.cron job
2010-01-28 Tony Mack conf file now has .py extension
2010-01-27 Thierry Parmentelat conf_files belong to the same module
2010-01-19 Thierry Parmentelat moving conf_files creation scripts to nodeconfig