Setting tag myplc-5.3-3
[myplc.git] / plc.d / mail
2012-03-27 Thierry Parmentelat get rid of svn keywords once and for good
2010-01-18 Thierry Parmentelat svn-keywords
2010-01-18 Thierry Parmentelat reordering steps before moving stuff to PLCAPI
2009-12-04 Marc Fiuczynski only add apache to trusted-users file if its not alread...
2007-11-16 Thierry Parmentelat propset - enables svn keywords
2007-11-16 Thierry Parmentelat * tentative merge of onelab myplc
2007-01-16 Mark Huang - Add apache to list of users that can send mail as...
2006-06-23 Mark Huang be verbose
2006-04-25 Mark Huang - don't source shell configuration in /etc/plc.d/functi...
2006-04-24 Mark Huang - start and stop local sendmail daemon