Setting tag myplc-5.3-2
[myplc.git] / default_config.xml
2013-11-12 Mohamed Larabi Add PLC_HRN_ROOT to usual config variables
2013-06-27 Thierry Parmentelat drop PLC_OMF_XMPP_USER and PLC_OMF_XMPP_PASSWORD from...
2013-02-26 Thierry Parmentelat introduce PLC_FLAVOUR_VIRT_MAP
2012-12-17 Thierry Parmentelat mmhh somehow I'm not getting the latest change through...
2012-12-17 Thierry Parmentelat oops, was missing a <value> tag
2012-12-17 Thierry Parmentelat renamed for more consistency, added to specfile
2012-12-17 Thierry Parmentelat new global setting PLC_VSYS_DEFAULTS
2012-03-27 Thierry Parmentelat get rid of svn keywords once and for good
2011-05-13 Stephen Soltesz Added parameters for monitor's dbhost,dbuser, and dbname
2011-04-11 Baris Metin add PLC_RATELIMIT_ENABLED as an option.
2011-03-29 Panos Added three new variables that define the existence...
2010-06-10 Thierry Parmentelat fix
2010-06-09 Thierry Parmentelat one more option for reservations
2010-03-19 Barış Metin remove /
2010-03-08 Barış Metin configuration for OMF
2010-01-25 Thierry Parmentelat plc_flavour variables for bootstrapfs selection
2010-01-19 Thierry Parmentelat new global PLC_FLAVOUR category to globally chose slive...
2009-11-09 Daniel Hokka Zakrisson Move /etc/hosts to a new category.
2009-11-09 Daniel Hokka Zakrisson Make the network script disableable if manual setup...
2009-10-24 Marc Fiuczynski Revert to keep the root ssh key around.
2009-09-30 Thierry Parmentelat cleanup for the specialaccounts nodemanager plugin:
2009-09-21 Stephen Soltesz update descriptive text.
2009-09-01 Stephen Soltesz add ssl certificate fields for Monitor in default_confi...
2009-07-08 Stephen Soltesz add a cc_address parameter to add mailing-list watchers...
2009-07-07 Stephen Soltesz add rt dbpassword field.
2009-07-03 Stephen Soltesz wrong default value
2009-07-03 Stephen Soltesz add default values for monitor and RT
2009-01-26 Thierry Parmentelat hrn_root for the local plc - not part of plc-config...
2009-01-16 Thierry Parmentelat new config option SHORTNAME
2008-11-18 Stephen Soltesz additional settings needed for monitor setup. disabled...
2008-11-12 Stephen Soltesz clarify description text.
2008-11-12 Stephen Soltesz add an entry for the monitor server. this value will...
2008-05-22 Thierry Parmentelat use planetlab5 as the database name
2008-05-06 Thierry Parmentelat Various tweaks for myplc-native (not thoroughly tested...
2008-03-27 Faiyaz Ahmed follow variable convention.
2008-03-27 Faiyaz Ahmed Added planetflow configuration
2008-03-05 Faiyaz Ahmed Added list for cc'ing Mom messages
2007-11-28 Stephen Soltesz Sorry. I didn't describe the variables very well before.
2007-11-28 Stephen Soltesz Added two new variables for a quick fix for the config...
2007-11-19 Thierry Parmentelat cleaned up the deprecated comps section that is now...
2007-11-16 Thierry Parmentelat propset - enables svn keywords
2007-11-16 Thierry Parmentelat * tentative merge of onelab myplc