fixed syntax error
[myplc.git] / build.functions
2008-03-22 Thierry Parmentelat yum.conf created from build/mirroring
2008-01-16 Thierry Parmentelat no need to alter sudoers for bootcustom anymore
2008-01-10 Thierry Parmentelat attempt to generate correct yum.conf in myplc chroot
2007-12-12 Thierry Parmentelat cosmetic - fixes the labels in myplc yum.conf
2007-12-06 Thierry Parmentelat (*) groups distro-dependent files in build/config....
2007-11-21 Thierry Parmentelat make it two
2007-11-21 Thierry Parmentelat I need a new brain
2007-11-21 Thierry Parmentelat fix needed
2007-11-21 Thierry Parmentelat replacing pldistro-fcdistro-*.lst with a pldistro-...
2007-11-19 Thierry Parmentelat fixed yum.conf creation - was using obsolete vars
2007-11-16 Thierry Parmentelat propset - enables svn keywords
2007-11-16 Thierry Parmentelat * tentative merge of onelab myplc
2007-08-31 Marc Fiuczynski move a bunch of functionality out into the build module...
2007-08-29 Marc Fiuczynski assume Fedora release should be at least FC4
2007-08-28 Marc Fiuczynski fix to selecting Fedora release number
2007-08-24 Marc Fiuczynski Let mkfedora pick the right URL to get the RPMs, unless...
2007-08-24 Marc Fiuczynski Make Fedora 7 compatible
2007-08-16 Marc Fiuczynski by default build myplc for same fedora as host environment
2007-01-20 Mark Huang - skip the whole cvs import garbage
2006-08-16 Mark Huang change PLC_DEVEL_FEDORA_URL to default specified in...
2006-08-09 Mark Huang distinguish between the tag used to import sources...
2006-07-24 Mark Huang pass CVS tag through to internal myplc build
2006-07-17 Mark Huang - split into two pieces:, which...