check in sample mpi program
[mpi-image.git] / scripts /
2012-12-14 smbaker check in sample mpi program
2012-12-12 smbaker prevent mpi from using head node as a worker (exposes...
2012-12-12 smbaker fix perms
2012-12-12 smbaker mpifix directory, orted and mpirun to rewrite addresses
2012-12-12 smbaker missed an export
2012-12-12 smbaker calling mpirun with an absolute path broke the orted...
2012-12-12 smbaker bind_public and mpirun fix
2012-12-11 smbaker a fake orted to change the remote IP address to the...
2012-12-11 smbaker rename str to a name that doesn't conflict with builtin...
2012-12-10 smbaker fix perms
2012-12-10 smbaker fix wrong IP address issue
2012-12-09 smbaker put urls in constants, sanity check to make sure wget...
2012-12-09 smbaker script to copy files to for distribution
2012-12-09 smbaker set usepam to no
2012-12-09 smbaker set executable bit
2012-12-09 smbaker check in dave's scripts and config files
2012-12-09 smbaker set host name for ssh daemon
2012-12-09 smbaker check in dave's init script